Friday, July 23, 2010

Slim - Interview and Exclusive Track from the Sly Players/Goodgroove Star

Head-honcho  of Goodgroove Records and half of the Sly Players, Slim has found himself at the forefront of the NuFunk scene. He talks about his journey, looks ahead to a future full of disco breaks and drops an exclsuive download for members.

Which came first, Goodgroove or the Sly players?

Goodgroove by many years, it was a clubnight way back in 1999, then became a label that reflected the music style on the night. The Sly Players were born from the label and wanting to push the disco breaks sound.

How do you split your time between the two?

The label and production run hand in hand, so the time merges into one, we are always working on new tracks and new releases.

What does the future hold for Goodgroove and the Sly Players?

Goodgroove is a mature label now so can afford to take some musical style risks, expect some dubstep and drum n bass. The Sly Players new work is mainly original sample-free tracks and we intend to take disco breaks to some big places, WMC is on our hit list.

What do you look for when signing music to the label?

The music has to be a gem, the original tracks on Goodgroove were all the best tracks for clubnights, DJ Wood - Eye No (our first ever release) was getting played by stacks of DJ's worldwide on CDR so we made it vinyl, it was as simple as that. It sold amazingly, so we found more gems from the DJ worldwide community.
What are you 3 top tips for any budding producers out there looking for their first signing?

1. Do something you would play in a DJ set

2. Get out and listen to music in clubs

3. Try something you haven't heard

Who is your favourite DJ?

Jazzy Jeff, i love the way he makes every club a big party.

Who is your favourite producer?

I have a lot of favourites, right now The Captain is on fire

How do you see NuFunk progressing in the next couple of years?

More towards disco, there is a crossover between the slower disco and funk breaks, new labels are filling the need for this.

Slim has shared an exclusive track with our members, which you can preview below. It's Umbo & Pip's remix of his track 'Turn You On' and it's sounding pretty sweet.

  The Sly Players - Turn You On (Umbo & Pips rmx) by

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  1. It's actually a remix of The Sly Players' "Turn You On" from The Regrooved Series VIII