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An Interview with Rory Hoy & Exclusive track for Members ONLY!

Producer RORY HOY is only 22, yet has already been snapped up by Skint Records and Freddy Fresh’s Howlin’ label.  And with an award winning film to his name, he’s certainly producing the goods with his raw creative talent.  Here he speaks candidly to, revealing what’s next on his musical agenda and how being autistic gives him an artistic edge…

Tell us about your background, where you’re from and how you got into Nu Funk?

My parents have been professional musicians since the 1970s - my dad even has a gold record of one of his albums. The first record I ever bought was Boom, Shake the Room by Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince back in 1993, but I didn’t get into music seriously until about 1998 - during the heyday of the Big Beat scene.

I first heard about the Nu-Funk Scene around 2006, which was when I first started to produce music and thought it was an interesting new scene, especially as I dig all the Old School Funk like James Brown, George Clinton and of course being a fan of anything with a good Breakbeat.

Do you DJ as well as produce?  If so, where can we see you perform this year?

Yes, I DJ now and again in my local area. I have a couple of notable gigs this year. The first gig is at a charity show in Harrogate called H-Bomb Rocks Fashion, where I will be mixing surrounded by beautiful fashion models. It’s at a famous venue called The Royal Hall, which used to stage all the famous 60s and 70s groups, including one of my favourite groups - The Beatles.  The other gig is for a festival in my hometown of Knaresborough called FEVA – all on good ol’ vinyl of course!

If anyone is interested in booking me – expect an eclectic night of Big Beat, Breaks, House, Electro, Disco, Golden Age Hip-Hop, Soul, Old School Funk, 60s Rock, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and of course . . . Nu Funk!

Tell us about the labels you’re involved with and plans/releases for the future?

I’ve had two albums on Freddy Fresh’s Howlin’ Records label (USA). My first album - Cosmic Child  (2008) was Chillout and Downtempo and the second album - Standing On Dust (2009) was more Nu Funk & Funky Breaks. My next album - Baby Likes It Phat is also on Howlin’ Records and is nearly complete.  It’s a diverse album, showing all the different sides to my production and features singers, rappers and musicians, as opposed to just vocal samples like most of my other work.

I have three EPs planned with French Nu Funk legend DJ Prosper, which are sounding really good.  The first is a booty of T-Rex, which is out very soon. I also have an EP with American rapper – The Conductor Crucified - called The Time Refinery, which is in productiion. I also have a solo EP with BigM in the works, too. 
I’ve had various remixes including Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip, Boomjuice, RamSkank, Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop, Mick & Marc and Phantom Lord - all released on various labels.  I’ve been a busy boy!

What was it like working with Freddy Fresh and being signed to SKINT UNDER 5s? 

Freddy Fresh is a really nice chap. He was the one who discovered me back in 2007 when I first set up my MySpace account. The demos I sent him originally resulted in my debut album.  It's done well, especially in America, where it's been played on various airlines over there and was picked up by the Muzak Corporation for background music. The success of that album resulted in my first Nu Funk orientated album - Standing On Dust. Various tracks from this have been played on BBC Radio, and other stations across the USA and Europe. One track was even included in Craig Charles’ Funk & Soul Show in the Best Tracks Of 2009!

The Under 5s release came about in July 2009. I sent in my demo and it was swiftly accepted with the contract being signed in September. I’m very proud to have a release on this label, as I grew up listening to Skint label artists such as Midfield General, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Cut La Roc and of course Fatboy Slim. I’ve also produced a Big Beat remix for Dubstep artist Linton Brown on the Skint label that should be ready in August this year.

Who should we be keeping an eye on in the Nu Funk scene this year and who are your favourite upper coming Producers?

I don’t usually mention names, but I would have to say RamSkank from the BigM label. He is a London guy and his first album should be ready very soon. He brings out a similar happy sunshine vibe that Mint Royale showed 10 years ago.

What is your proudest achievement in life?     

One has to be being part of this whole scene - especially working with people like Freddy Fresh and Skint Records. I’m also really proud of a film I produced 4 years ago called Autism & Me. It’s a documentary I made on what it’s like to have Autism on a day-to-day basis.  It won a number of awards, including one from Guy Ritchie and because of this there’s always great interest in me and my music.  I appeared on the NBC Today Show in America, various BBC, ITV and SKY channels. I also go into schools and organisations to show my film and talk about autism. I get e-mails and messages from all over the world – some from celebrities congratulating me on my achievements, and others from grateful families with autistic children. I even had a message from one mother from America said that having watched my film, she felt she knew her son for the first time. Pretty Awesome!

Is it true you are autistic and does this have a positive effect on your music production?  Are there any drawbacks?

Yes, I do have Autism and yes I think it’s had a positive effect on my music production. It ‘s said that music has a positive effect to children on the autistic spectrum, especially music with high repetition  - perhaps that’s why I love Big Beat so much! I also work extremely quickly and find that, during my creative spells, I can produce endless tracks.

If you had to summarise in ONE word how Nu Funk makes you feel at its best, what would that word be?

Funky. Pretty obvious innit?

And the Nu Funk scene in Yorkshire – is there one?

To be honest, I don’t think there are too many places that have picked up on it yet, but in Leeds it’s finally getting there. There are traditional Funk & Soul nights everywhere. I think the Nu Funk vibe is finally starting to get noticed oop north!

What are your biggest influences when it comes to making music?

Freddy Fresh, Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim AKA Mighty Dub Katz AKA Pizzaman AKA Fried Funk Food AKA 1000 other names has always had a huge influence one me since I was about 11. I’ve always liked Trip-Hop and Downtempo stuff such as DJ Shadow, DJ Cam and Mr. Scruff.  The Artist formally known as DJ Touché of the Wiseguys, Theo Keating – better known as Fake Blood and DJ Regal have also had a huge influence, especially the first Wiseguys album – Executive Suite – it’s a beauty.

Who would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

I’ve already produced a track with one of my heroes - Freddy Fresh. I’m not sure when the tune will be released, but I’m confident it will rock the crowd. It would be great to do a collab or remix with Norman Cook. For different reasons, I would have to say Duffy!. She’s got that lovely sensuous and somewhat unusual baby voice, which I really dig.

Can you reveal a killer production tip for our members?

If the track you produce puts a huge smile on your face and you can groove to it, you have a winner! We all have our own style -  don’t think there’s any one tip I can give.

What’s your most cherished piece of equipment in your studio?

My beloved Technics SL1200s. They never let you down and are ultra reliable for DJing and scratching. I’m also very lucky that my parents are musicians, as we have a small recording studio and I have access to numerous guitars, keyboards and equipment.

If we gave you £5000 to spend on one item, what would you buy?

Irn Bru! Seriously, I can’t imagine spending £5000 on one Item.

Tell us something exclusive about Rory Hoy that nobody else knows?

I’ve done a track with DJ Angelo, which is going to be on the third album called Mic Check. It’s a floor-rocking Nu Funk banger. I had a great compliment about my music from Ali Shaheed Muhammed from A Tribe Called Quest, which made me feel very proud.

Some folk in the scene were initially sceptical about the launch of a new Nu Funk site. What are your thoughts about the launch of and the community?

The great thing about this site is that it’s starting to give the whole Nu Funk scene an identity. I’m very pleased with it and hopefully the scene will reach new heights. You guys have done a great job setting it up and we can all feel part of this community.

And finally, tell us about the free joint you've kindly offered up - exclusively for members to download? 

I wanted to make the world’s happiest Dubstep tune to contrast from the dark and moody stuff that dominates the scene. It’s essentially a mix of Dubstep with Funk, Soul, Reggae and Electronica all competing against each other. It will raise a few eyebrows for sure.

Check the joint on Soundcloud here and please leave a Timed Comment to show your appreciation to Rory ;)

  Keep The Music ( Exclusive) by Rory Hoy 

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