Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Funky Friday Roundup!

Bonjour! As it is time for another Funky Friday Roundup! Let’s not waste any more time, and begin!

Jem Stone - Perpetual Lotion E.P.

Been at #1 in the Juno Breakbeat charts for quite some time. This is a fantastic release from the amazing Jem Stone featuring an eclectic mix of Jazzy Hip-Hop Grooves and funky breakbeat. If you love the Jazz & Milk Breaks series from back in the day, you will love this!

The Breakbeat Junkie VS DJP - Time To Roll E.P.

Some really funky vibes on this release. The Breakbeat Junkie teams up with DJP for a really dope E.P. that will impress dancefloors everywhere. Also includes a remix of Time To Roll from the All Good Funk Alliance, and a solo track from both The Breakbeat Junkie (The Mink) and DJP (Controlling The Club). Essential!

Itsu Uno - Skorpio Dope Jam

This is fantastic! Itsu Uno strikes again with another Funky Big Beat banger following on from the outstanding ‘B-Boy Rave For The Ageing Hipster’ - Skorpio Dope Jam is just too amazing for words. To make this release even more special, the B-Side has a dope remix of his song (The Headlock) by DJ Spatts that samples the old timey tune ‘Mr. Sandman’ - Absolutely brilliant!

DJ Butcher - Chopshop Vol.5

Fresh from the cutting room abattoir and straight onto the packed dancefloors is a really good release from DJ Butcher, that provokes the Midtempo Funk jams of the 1980’s. A very nostalgic trip through the history of dance music of the time recreated for the modern Dancefloor. If you want to listen to the best of the 80’s without the cheese in just one go, buy this great release.

Mr. Bird - Heavy Duty Booty Vol. 7

Some wonderful laid-back grooves from Mr. Bird that will help you get the true feeling of summer (which is hard in old Blighty with the insanely inclement weather and all). This release also has a fantastic remix of a certain Soul Legend, who is, in my humble opinion, the greatest of all time, singing something about being superstitious is not the way to be! Summer is here in this really dope release

Empresarios - Sabor Tropical Remixed

And last (but not least) is a reggae banger from Empresarios that has been remixed by the Fort Knox Five, Quincy Jointz, The All Good Funk Alliance, Telephunken, and Thomas Blondet & Second Sky. An absolutely essential remix pack featuring some really great remixes of an already great song.

Take care and let’s hope that the Sun shines!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Funky Friday Roundup!


It’s Funky Friday Roundup time, and this time, we have some really massive releases, so let’s not waste any time and get the party started!

Nick Thayer - Rhythm Method E.P.

Nick Thayer from Australia has done some incredibly dope tunes in the past few months and this E.P. is no exception. Our personal favourite on this E.P. has to be the track on Side A (Do You Want More), a re-work of a classic song by a certain group of 60’s Rock Legends, which is an awesome hybrid of Ghetto Funk, Big Beat and Wobbly Fidget House. For the more traditional Nu-Funkers, there is a really dope re-work of Hip-Hop legends Eric B. and Rakim and LL Cool J (is hard as hell!). Absolutely essential!

Various - Freak-Hop

This record has been in the pipeline for a long time but due to high demand, DJ Prosper, BadboE, Breakbeat Junkie VS DJP and Audited Beats’ masterpiece quadrilogy “Freak-Hop” finally gets a release on Glorious Vinyl! The legacy of Mastermixers such as Double Dee and Steinski lives on in this incredibly amazing release. A brilliant lesson on the history of Hip-Hop music.

Various - Come Together (Remixes)

The most popular group in Pop music history, who’s name is similar to that of an insect, but pioneered some of the greatest tunes of all time is remixed for the modern day. Side A is remixed in classic Big Beat style with a ghetto feel to give it that contempory edge, while Side B’s remix is done in a very nice Trip-Hop style. Peace and Love, Peace and Love!

Featurecast - Stomp

A classic release from 2008 is finally for the first time, given a release for the digital market. ‘Stomp’ is a return to the famous style of Midtempo breaks pioneered by the likes of The Chemical Brothers while ‘One More’ is one of Nu-Funk’s greatest tracks ever - Pure disco hip-hop madness, but don’t let the Autotune put you off buying this record: It’s dope!

DJ B-Side - All The Girls E.P.

BigM is one of the biggest Nu-Funk labels at the moment. This release is another sweet addition to the Nu-Funk family - Pure Midtempo wobbly funk! If you love this release, do check out his release on Boogie Boutique records too!

Morlack - Ghetto Vaccination E.P.

This release is just purely funky. Complete with an amazing Horn section, and a very nice broken beat, this represents the happy vibes you will be hearing this summer. Also on this E.P. are the tunes ‘Electrophonic Mind’ - A Wobbly breaks banger, The Funky House Workout, ‘Nice & Rough’ and an amazing freebie tune, the Latin-flavoured, ‘Play Cards Right’.

See you all very soon, and take care!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Short, but Sweet Funky Friday Roundup

Hi Peeps!

Here it is again, although short but very sweet, it's time to roundup the best new releases in the world of Nu-Funk! Check them out!

CMC & Silenta feat. Penny - Funky Town

Some ultra-funkee vibes from the Dynamic Duo of Nu-Funk. Some great summer tracks that will put a huge smile on your face. For the remixes Nick Thayer does it Midtempo ghetto style, Slynk turns it into a jazzy funky Big Beat banger and Zamali turns it into a stomping Samba-influenced house track.

Omegaman - Skankin Riddim’

This tune is really cool and it‘s out on Funk Weapon‘s sister label, Super Hi-Fi. If you love Ska music and hip-hop beats, you have come to the right place! Like the release mentioned above, this also comes with a fantastic remix pack from the likes of Thomas Blonet, Busta and one of our favourite artists at the moment, Stickybuds (check out the Kingston Funk track he did on BigM last year!).

K.W. Griff - Respect

A classic tune from 2007 released for the first time in digital format! Aretha Franklin’s iconic track has been remixed Baltimore Funk style and is one of the best and most well-known releases on the famous Bombstrikes label. Still a classic today and always works on sending dancefloors crazy!

Have a great summer, and see you soon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Funky Friday Roundup!!!

Let’s spread the word as it’s time again for another Funky Friday Roundup!

Boogie Boutique Vol. 2

After the runaway success of Boogie Boutique Vol. 1, The second volume in the successful Boogie Boutique compilation series is here! Featuring Hayz’s Nu-Funk reggae anthem ‘Ghetto Rat’, and 9 fantastic bangers from BadboE, Nine Lives The Cat, Nick Fonkynson, DJ Kid Stretch, DJ Wood, and many more. An absolutely essential purchase to Nu-Funkers everywhere!

Lebrosk/Totalcult - Dope Horn E.P.

Two of the most amazing names in the funky breaks scene are back for one amazing E.P. With early plays from the likes of Big Beat Revivalist Rory Hoy, this E.P. is going to be huge.

Mr. Scruff - Wobble Control

Manchester’s most beloved DJ is back again with another incredible release. If you love your Midtempo nice and wobbly, you have come to the right place! For the B-Side, Nickodemus & 2EB remix the classic ‘Music Takes Me Up’ from the 2008 masterpiece Ninja Tuna and takes it to another level.

The Give Back E.P.

Riddim full of culture ‘yall! This fantastic release from Riddim Fruit Records from Livingstone & Canosis and also One Funky Soul mashes funky reggae samples, disco beats with the wobbly ghetto sound that has been invading dancefloors everywhere. Don’t sleep on this one!

Defkline/Ed Polo - Rolling In The Mud

The Adele smash-hit ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is fantastically remixed here in Funky Breaks form and for Dubstep lovers, Phatman and Robin are also on remix duties - highly recommended for those who love Skint Records‘ current stuff on the Under 5‘s Label. Holy Dope Beats Batman!

DJ Love - Zigga, Zigga

A really dope old school hip-hop joint with Geechi Suede on M.C. duties and contains some cool scratching. The remix package is really impressive as Nu-Funk stars A-Skillz, Nick Thayer, Fort Knox Five, and DJ Eleven give their own re-interpretations of an already great tune. Recommended.

Take care brothers and sisters, and see you again soon . . Oh wait, how about one more:

Rory Hoy - Tonite E.P.

Mentioned this one before, but it’s one of our very own friends, Rory Hoy and it’s been having a lot of buzz from the likes of Cut La Roc, Stickybuds, All Good Funk Allience, DJ Kid Stretch, BMD, DJ August, DJ Prosper, Floyd Crystal, Danny Massure, Zenit Incompatible, Pulpfusion, Jimi Needles, Ictus, Funkybro, Abrupt, Qdup Foundation, Ewan Hoozami and Rams le Prince.

Been in Juno Breakbeat Top-10 since release and has a collabo with the legend that is Freddy Fresh!

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Very Royal Funky Friday Roundup

We have some really great releases this time round, let’s not waste any time and dive right into it!

Rory Hoy - Tonite E.P.

The Big Beat revivalist is back with his much anticipated solo E.P. on BigM Productions. This fabulous record is a real funktastic treat that blends the sounds of old with the sounds of now. The tunes ‘Tonite’ and ‘Hey, Hey (Funk It Up)’ are an amazing hybrid of the classic Big Beat sounds mashed with that of the modern day Nu-Funk sound while ‘Feel Tha Phunk’ is straight up classic Fatboy Breaks. To end the E.P., the Hoyster teams up with the legend that is Freddy Fresh for the smashing grand finale, ‘Trumped’. Absolutely Essential.

BigM Bootie Vol. 10

We love the BigM booties and guess what, they’re back! 4 really amazing uptempo party breaks numbers. Starting in 2007, the BigM Bootie series has helped in the revitalisation of the Big Beat genre and has made some fantastic booties ranging from Jimi Hendrix and even Lulu, designed for those who don’t take it too seriously!

Kool Hertz - Revive the Message E.P.

This is one incredibly funky E.P. Unlike the more organic tracks of previous Funk Weapons releases - this E.P. is in the Midtempo mashup style that fans of people on the Bombstrikes and Goodgroove labels will go crazy for. The best track personally for us is the title track, as we think it’s a brilliant tribute to the late, great hip-hop MC, Guru from Gang Starr

Pimpsoul - Let’s Do It (Right Now)

One of the biggest Nu-Funk/Ghetto Funk labels ever is back with another great release. In a change to the usual booty style, Pimpsoul provides a totally original track featuring the amazing talents of MC Sureshock. The production is a nice blend of the organic and electronic, and contains some great remixes from the Basement Freaks and Hong Kong Ping Pong.

Various - Party Breaks Vol. 1

Are you ready for a Nu-Funk party? You have come to the right place! Featuring BMD, Jayl Funk and Warson remixing classics such as Oasis, Jimmy Bo, Lyn Collins (Yeah, Woo!), and Afrika Bambaata and also contains the Funktion Junction favourite, ‘A DJ Is Not A Jukebox’. This is the ultimate remedy to funkless chart music that will make you smile and shake your hips!

Take care, see you soon!