Friday, July 2, 2010

Funky Friday Round-Up

With so many funky records out each week, we're here to tip off ther best and hottest joints around so your crate is always full of fire.

This week big releases from Fort Knox Five, The Bamboos, The Funk League, Library Vultures and Megaphono.

Fort Knox Five - Shift Remixes

With his instinctive understanding of party vibes and exclectic DJ style, Afrika Bambaataa wasn't just integral in the birth of hip-hop, he also arguably laid down the blueprint for NuFunk and funky breaks.

His latest collaboration with Fort Knox Five is a straight party rocker, which has now been given the remix treatment by some huge producers.

Baymont Bros come with a twitchy disco and bass version with a couple of large drops, DJ Dan & Mike Balance bring rough electro house vibes and Deekline & Dustin Hulton drop heavy booty breakage in their main-room rinseout.

Sub Swara's remix is an all-out assault with some dutty-ruff wobbly basslines and half-tempo shuffle-step breakdowns, which manages to be simultaneously heavy and uplifting. Finally Malente takes the track into funky fidget house territory making great use of the 'Shift' vocal lines.

A banging peak-time release, proving once again that pigeonholes can't hold the mighty Knox. Listen below and buy it here.

Shift featuring Afrika Bambaataa & Mustafa Akbar (Remixes) by fortknoxfive

The Bamboos - You Ain't No Good

Having recently seen this awesome band live, is hyped about their new release, 'You Ain't No Good'.

The original is a blazing soul stomper with gorgeous vocal performances and the tight instrumentation we've come to expect from this amazing band.

The package comes with an awesome remix of 'Up On The Hill' by DJ Yoda, who brings plenty of cut 'n' paste cool to this sitar-driven number. Some tough Kool & The Gang breaks keep the floor moving in the great rework.

Randomer's remix of 'Keep Me In Mind' has heavy bass and skippy beats, while Flevans' take on the same track has a deep yet delicate sunrise set feel to it.

Instrumentals and an acapella complete this great package, which truly offers something for every set and every DJ. Listen below and buy it here.

The Funk League - Boogie Down Bombers

Andy C of Ugly Duckling and the Bronx's Sadat X and Diamond D come together with The Funk League on this superb single.

The title track drips jazzy, crunchy cool as the MCs put in a tight performance over crispy snares, lush contrabass and atmospheric samples.

The upbeat version of 'You're Gonna Learn', which features Andy C, is where the real fire is hiding on this release. Pure funky bass, mad samples, speedy cuts & scratches and rolling breaks make this a surefire banger.

Take a listen below and buy your copy here.

Library Vultures Series - Turbotrax

Anyone who spends any time crate digging knows what a goldmine library records like the KPM series, can be. With that in mind, the Library Vultures are breathing new life into dusty classics in a series of releases on Turbotrax.

Volume one features the blazing funk of 'Ronnie's Groove', which takes the classic Two Ronnies theme, written by the legendary Ronnie Hazelhurst and gives it a funky breaks overhaul - producing a stomping party track in the process.

Backed with the hot piano and flute grooves and comedy sampleage of 'Peace, Love, Music, Drugs', this is a tight release.

Listen to these tracks below. The guys have three releases available here.

Megaphono - Doggy Kutz EP

Just time for a quick heads-up on the 'Doggy Kutz EP' from Megaphono. The standout track is 'L'Amour', with its slow-mo disco vibe, deeply groovy bassline and breathy vocals.

Listen below and buy it here.

Whoop - The Mutha EP

Nearly out of space and time this week, but just wanted to highlight some seriously cool funk from Woop on Baxxbeat Music.

'The Mutha EP' is five tracks of cinematic, Blaxploitation-style funk. Very, very tight indeed.

Listen below and buy here.

Heaps Decent feat MC Huz & The Riverina Crew - Anywhere But Here (Produced by A-Trak)

A wicked and bad freebie to end on this week: a great digeridoo-driven tune produced by A-Trak with young artists from a Juvenile Justice Centre in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Listen and download below.

Heaps Decent feat MC Huz & The Riverina Crew - Anywhere But Here (Produced by A-Trak) by Heaps Decent

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  1. Listen to The Funk League's The Boogie Down Bombers Feat. Diamond D & SADAT X main and instrumental mix on DanceMusicHub.