Friday, May 28, 2010

Hayz Interview And Free Track Download – Exclusive To

From DJing to production, Hayz is one of the biggest names in the funky breaks scene, blending commercial, accessible sounds with underground cool as he cuts, scratches and fades his way through the world of NuFunk.

He took time to talk to and drop a free download exclusively for our readers.

As you were growing up, what music did you love and what artists inspired you?

When I was 15 or 16 I was really heavily into hip-hop - Gangstarr, Hijack, Gunshot, groups like Caveman with MCM. I think there’s a strong parallel with that era of hip-hop and the NuFunk scene.

As I was growing up I went to Cream (Club Nation) in Liverpool religiously.  I used to see Jeremy Healy, Carl Cox all those big names at the time. It was a very Italian era in house music. That was when I first got decks.

How did you start out making music?

DJing came first around 1995, I was playing Big Beat in Sheffield at clubs like Republic - the home of Gatecrasher and Music Factory.

Production came more recently, about two or three years ago. I’d always wanted to do it, I have a classical background in music and I play guitar, drums and piano. Then it felt like the software had arrived that made my style of music possible, especially Ableton.

It’s a very DJ-friendly piece of software, the learning curve isn’t as steep as some DAW software if you already have a background in mixing tracks together.

That combined with things like Serato has changed everything. It’s amazing to think that now someone can produce a track in their room and instantly have it on digital vinyl. I used to be such a vinyl purist but I saw Serato and realised that the technology had moved on.

My style of DJing has always been cutting, scratching and fading - heavily working the crossfader.  I use the decks as musical instruments and if the new technology couldn’t deliver that, I wouldn’t be happy DJing.

For me, you can’t just play records, you have to add to the performance and make the music your own - whether that’s through adding little breaks using ‘loop rolling’ in Serato, adding cuts and fades on the mixer, or playing your own tweaked edits and versions of familiar tracks – you can’t just play the same records in the same way as the next DJ.

That’s where production came in for me. I was already playing a lot of exclusives and unreleased stuff – I worked hard to get my hands on tracks before they were widely available – but I also wanted to make the music sound completely new and that’s why I started making my own stuff.

What’s your take on the old sampling debate?

Back in the day, hip-hop producers used to sample artists and use each other’s samples as a form of respect. They would use elements of the music they loved and reinvent them – bring them back into the public consciousness. I think NuFunk works in the same way.

Nowadays, yeah legally you could take someone to court for the few hundred pounds they made on a digital release or vinyl, but would it be worth it?  I still think that ripping off another track entirely crosses the line, that's a different matter altogether.

Your biggest release is probably the Ghetto Base EP (see video below), was it your first?

The Rhyme Assassin EP on Badboe’s Breakbeat Paradise label came first – it had mixes from Jayl Funk, Mark Walton & Noel Boogie (aka Fretless) and Calagad 13. That got in the top five on the Juno charts.

Ghetto Base was my second release and that got to number 1 in the Breaks & Electro, Funk and singles chart for all genres on Juno, which surpassed my expectations. I selected the remixers on that very carefully – Nick Fonkynson, Ursula 1000, Freak-Fu, Jayl Funk and Rhythm Scholar all bring something awesome to the EP.

That was released digitally on Pig Balls Records, then Big M Productions picked it up and released it on vinyl backed with three tracks from the talented Rory Hoy. The whole package, the production, the remixes, the video – it all went into making it a success.

What are you working on now?

I’ve got loads more I want to do musically – I want to do more original work. My new project is working with MCM formerly lyricist for a group called Caveman.  They used to do some really infectious funky hip-hop and their track Fry You Like Fish is a classic.

I just recently got him round and recorded some vocals. I'm also working with a guy called Phaze 5, who is producing some wicked guitar licks  – so it’s a real original track.

Remixing also keeps me busy – but with my own business and a family, plus several residencies, it’s hard to fit it all in. I’m always really honoured to be asked, but it’s often hard to find the time so I have to be careful about what I commit to.

Where can people hear you spinning?

I’ve got loads going on at the moment. There’s Funk Shui at the Lost Angel in Battersea, Graffiti Rock with Kool Hertz at Bar Vinyl in Camden and we’ve got the launch party coming up at the Lost Angel, too. I've just been approached about playing at a festival in Athens and a couple of new swanky venues have booked me in to start new Sat night residencies, which is super-cool!

Hayz has also given us a fresh track, one that he’s been keeping very close to his chest for a while. Listen below and if you want to get your hands on a copy of this exclusive track, as well as a whole bunch of other goodies, head over to our exclusive Member's Vault and download the 'Megabundle'. This is a members-only forum, so if you're not a member yet, join up HERE.

Photography in this article by Ben Turner -

Wicked Trip by Hayz

Funky Friday Round-Up

Hot shizzle for ya grizzle this week m'nizzles - new releases from the mighty Booty Pirates crew, Funkanomics and a wicked freebie from DJ B-Side.

Wiz zees tracks you are spoiling uz!

Funkanomics - How We Rock EP

Some really fresh original funk from Funkanomics out on Cut La Roc's Rocstar imprint.

The title track is an upbeat affair with some wicked vocals and tidy guitar riffs.

'Soul To Keep' is a distorted hip-hop track, while 'Where You Going' (currently my favourite track on the release) is an old-school, laid-back funky hip-hop jam.

Listen and buy from the Juno player below:

Various - Booty Pirates Volume 2

The pirates of the sample-seas are back with another banging installment with something for all tastes.

Busta's 'Funky Lyrics' gives a Lyrics Born classic a high speed twist with a wicked fat synthetic bassline, while Son Of A Pitch lays down a bad-ass soul flavoured mashup.

Other highlights include Lisa Realeyez' take on Zapp & Roger Troutman's 'More Bounce' and D-Funk's slamming G-funk wollbe-out 'Blow Your Funky Beats'.

Serious quality from this new label. Listen below and buy here.

Booty Pirates Volume 2 by Booty Pirates Rec

DJ B-Side - B-Side Banger

Sometimes we get our hands on freebies and find ourselves wondering exactly how come they're free. This is one of those occasions.

DJ B-Side takes a Prodigy classic, lowers the tempo and ups the funk to create a bass-heavy monster of a track - this one will devastate a room.

Listen and download below. (And don't forget to thank the man, this is hot shit!)

B-Side Banger! (mastered) by Dj B-Side

Until next week, keep your promos and releases coming to

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What’s That Sound? Salsoul

In this column, we’ve already looked at the impact a single record label can have on the music that follows. Some imprints provide such a wealth of material for samplists and diggers that they become the stuff of legend.

Salsoul is one such label.

With artists like Loleatta Holloway, Instant Funk, Edwin Birdsong and of course the all-star Salsoul Orchestra, Salsoul straddled the disco and funk genres, making danceable records with catchy vocal hooks and strong grooves.

This has made them a sampling favourite with everyone from Coldcut and Public Enemy to Spiller and Daft Punk.

We’ll start with probably one of the most iconic samples ever, from ‘Oooh I love It (Love Break)’ by the Salsoul Orchestra.

Listen from around 5.44 and compare to the intro of the Coldcut track below it.

Check out the breakdown at 2.54 in this one and compare it with the bassline from 1.54 in the Daft Punk video below:

And the cultural ram-raiding doesn’t stop there. Spiller ripped off Carol Williams’ ‘Love Is You’ wholesale when they made ‘Groovejet’.

So there you go – whenever you see a Salsoul joint in a bargain bin, grab it and hold it tight, it's solid gold for samplists.

Until next time, keep your fingers dusty and your grooves clean.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NuFunk Venue Needs Your Help!!

A good friend of the site: Mama Liz's in Stamford, near Peterborough regularly rocks out the NuFunk. However, the bar is in trouble and needs your help.

Chris Awesome, Pimpsoul, Hayz and other stars of the scene regularly play under its roof, but the council are trying to shut the venue down. Not for noise pollution or because of complaints, but apparently there's too many people going there compared to their original plans.

Here at, we don't think too many people having too much fun is a good enough reason to close a bar and arts venue, putting 5 full-time and a host of part-time people out of work. Not to mention all the DJs and musicians who would suffer without a place to perform.

If you're as angry and frustrated as we at are, then stick your name on their online petition, it only takes seconds and you could be saving one of the best funky bars who contribute to the NuFunk scene.

Go straight to the petition or to the bar's website to read more.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Make It Funky: Bass

A solid bassline is the foundation of funk, be it Nu, Old or merely middle-aged.

So here at we're going to point you towards some of the best free resources to keep your bottom end super phat.

First up some very nice multi-sampled electric basses.

Soundsnap has a mean Fender Jazz set, lovingly recorded by 'Soundgram Post'.

Over at the Freesound Project, jdstarrett has put together a nice set of contrabass sounds recorded from an 'Electric Six' bass. Grab it here.

Also on Freesound, there's a nice fretless pack compiled by FaireDesVagues, which you can download here.

But electric bass is only one way to skin the cat - how about some synths for those hard-hitting trouser-flapping b-lines?

De La Mancha's 'Subfreak' is a great freebie - simple interface, not too many controls, but a solid little sub-bass generator. Grab it and check out his other excellent plugs here.

Andreas Ersson has created the 'Iblit' synth, which is monophonic with 3 oscillators, pulse and sawtooth waveforms, a noise generator, a 24dB/octave LP/HP filter, two LFOs and loads of other features. But most important of all, it sounds great. Grab it here.

Cakewalk's Triangle 2 is another great sounding synth, capable of some really funky 70s-style Moogy synth basses. Get yours here.

Finally, if a mad wobble is the flavour you're after, why not try Angular Momentum's 'Analog Warfare'? It has two analog-modelled oscillators, three independent amp envelopes three filters each with their own envelope, two BPM-synced LFO's with many sources and 2x78 destinations.

With a total of 234 routing options, it's a semi-modular monster, capable of some devastating sounds.

Check it out here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Exclusive FORT KNOX FIVE Interview & FREE Track for the Community!

When it comes to funk - FORT KNOX FIVE undoubtedly have the Midas touch - everything they put their hands to seemingly turns to gold.  Not least their recent compilation The New Gold Standard 2. was lucky enough to speak with band member - Jon Horvath, to discover the secret behind FK5’s success…

How has your sound evolved since the original The New Gold Standard compilation and how do you see it changing in the future?

The original compilation laid the foundation for Fort Knox Recordings. Our sound and label has evolved since the beginnings, but we still stand true to our love for multiple genres and tempos. We always want our sound and label to progress with the modern sounds. Fort Knox Recordings will always represent our influences of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae and of course Breaks.

Why do you think the band has enjoyed so much success in the Nu Funk scene and what is your ultimate goal?

We’ve always wanted to make music that is fun, but stands true to the dancefloor. Funk was always a genre that was about having fun and getting down at the same time. I believe all Nu Funkers out there have a similar mentality. That is probably why we're well received in this new genre of music. Our ultimate goal would be to keep making music that has multi-facets and crosses the boundaries of music and marketing based genres.

Why Fort Knox Five when there’s only four band members?

The Fort Knox Five is composed of Steve Raskin, Sid Barcelona, Rob Myers and myself  - Jon “JonH” Horvath. We always reserve the 5th spot in the roster for a vocalist, MC, or instrumentalist. Whoever is working with us on a particular song is number 5.

Is it true you have roots in High Wycombe in Bucks, UK?  How did you guys meet and are you originally from the US?

Three out of four of the Fort Knox Five’s members had parents who were in the US Foreign Service. The four of us spent many years living overseas. I lived in the UK for almost 5 years and went to school in High Wycombe and in Reading, UK. We’re actually all from the States, though.

You’ve worked with many artists in the past, who would you most like to work with in the future?

We meet lots of people on the road. There’s some incredible worldwide talent out there. We’re very happy with the peeps in our own backyard of Washington, DC. Vocalists and MCs like Mustabar aka Mustafa Akbar, Asheru and Rootz & Zeebo of See-I provide us with an excellent source of material. In the future, we’d love to work with Shamik - a wicked Beatboxer from Canada, the world famous Killa Kela, and MC Wrec is one of our favourites.

Name the gig that you all remember most and tell us why it was so special?

There are so many gigs that were mind blowing over the past several years.  I'm sure we could all name one that was very special to us. Rob tours with Thievery Corporation in their live band and plays Sitar and Guitar. He's played some massive venues across the globe.  Steve and myself are the main  DJs from the FK5.  Some of our best gigs would have to include Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, BC, Summafieldaze in Gold Coast, Good Vibrations in Sydney and of course sets at Opulant Temple & The Root Society at Burning Man. Shambhala and Burning Man are experiences that are unmatched. These are shows that embody all of the reasons we got into music.

What are your biggest influences when it comes to making music and DJing?

It would be hard to name one major influence. We all come from different backgrounds and enjoy different styles of music. We all love Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dub, Breaks, EDM and World Music. When the four of us come together, we combine all of these influences - that is where the Fort Knox Sound comes from.

Why did you decide to form Fort Knox Recordings and what treats can we expect from the label?

We decided to form Fort Knox Recordings because we wanted an outlet to release dancefloor oriented music. We were all involved in different music projects. Sid and Steve had a project called Thunderball (ESL Music). Rob was also involved in this project and was the sitar/guitar man for Thievery Corporation (ESL Music). Steve and I had a project called JonH & Raskal (Red Menace), which released House and Breaks.

Fort Knox Recordings has truly found its stride in 2010. We have a steady release schedule of new banging Fort Knox Five productions, as well as our new label signings - Nappy Riddem, Empresarios, and See-I. The future is looking very bright for the Fort Knox camp.   

Can you reveal a killer production tip for our members that you wish you’d found out much earlier?

Side chaining is a great production tool that we would advise everyone to explore. It can help make your kicks extra mighty. We would also advise that you do not overdo it with side chaining.

Nu Funk culture involves artists ripping up classic tracks, using famous samples to create dancefloor bombs. What’s your view on the use of samples, labels releasing such tracks and the age-old copyright debate?

We've always tried to avoid using samples. We love using Live Instrumentation to recreate the sound and vibe of those old samples. We think sampling is great, but it should be used in clever ways to avoid being obvious. We love making our own mash-ups and edits. That is a great way to use samples and it’s a win/win, because it helps promote old forgotten tunes.

Tell us something exclusive about FK5 that nobody else knows?

Everything is out in the open nowadays… but not everyone knows that Afrika Bambaataa and the Fort Knox Five were involved in producing and co-writing the song Do Me Right by massive UK pop R&B star Jamelia.

What are you thoughts about the launch of and the community?
It's great. We’re very excited to be involved in the launch. Any way that people can promote music is a good one. We are very excited for NuFunk and wish you nothing but the best.

Tell us about the FREE download you’ve kindly offered - exclusively for members?

The song Shift is from our new release - The New Gold Standard 2. It features Afrika Bambaataa and Mustafa Akbar on vocals. We’re really pushing this hard. It’s a song that was originally recorded during Barack Obama’s inauguration. We're getting ready to release the single this summer. It features blazing remixes from Deekine & Dustin Hulton, Malente, DJ Dan & Mike Balance, Sub Swara and Baymont Bross. We’re wrapping up an animated video for this release. It will truly be one of the best things Fort Knox Recordings has offered up thus far. Get ready for some space age electro funk!

Photos in this article by Jesse Justice

For more information on the band and Fort Knox Recordings - check out the following links: /
Listen below and if you want to get your hands on a copy of this exclusive track, as well as a whole bunch of other goodies, head over to our exclusive Member's Vault and download the 'Megabundle'. This is a members-only forum, so if you're not a member yet, join up HERE.

Funky Friday Round-Up

The best of this week's releases includes skanky funk from suonho, raw banging freshness from Chris Awesome and a disco boogie workout from DJ Agent 86, who has also provided a wicked free track for your listening pleasure.

Big. Real big.

Chris Awesome - Don't Say You Love Me (The Remix EP)

Chris Awesome up first, with the 'Don't Say You Love Me' remix EP on Big M. Chris flips a classic disco sample into a dancefloor-devastating groove. Party-friendly samples, crisp, thumping beats and enough builds and drops to hype any party make this one of the best releases so far this year.

No content with a slamming original track - Mr Awesome gets some of the biggest names in the game on remix duty.

Busta takes the track into heavy wobble territory, with some fierce bass noises and shuffling dubby beats while DJ Kid Stretch adds extra soulful vox and wicked rolling breaks to the mix. Meanwhile, Hayz takes us back to '96 with a fresh bigbeat remix, full of tight vocal slices and one of the baddest fuzz basses this side of Roger Troutman's keyboard.

This is a serious package - consistently fly yet widely varied. Grab it now on Juno and preview the goodness below.

Chris Awesome - Don't say you love me by ChrisAwesome

Don't Say You Love Me (Busta Remix) - Chris Awesome [Big M Productions] by Busta

Chris Awesome - Don't Say You Love Me (DJ Kid Stretch Remix) by DJ Kid Stretch

Chris Awesome - Don't Say You Love Me (Hayz's Big Beat Booyah Remix) by Hayz

The Angry Kid Vs Bob Marley - Mr Brown (suonho Funkabolic Version)

Bob Marley gets a summery mid-tempo breaks re-rub courtesy of suonho who brings a chunky sub to the party before getting seriously skanky on our ass.

This is wickedly fresh business with a lush little breakdown later on in the track.

Have a listen below and buy it on Juno.

The Angry Kid Vs Bob Marley - Mr Brown (suonho Funkabolic Version) by suonho

DJ Agent 86 - All About The Money

Get set for the summer of ska breaks - the amount of wicked, bouncy skank-funk we're getting sent is a good sign that summer is truly on the way.

DJ Agent 86 gets in on the act with 'All About The Money', out now on Lightspeed. Expect a relentless bass, hip-hop vocals, filtered vibes and some hands-in-the-air drops on this track. There are also some lush brass touches to add to the fresh feel of the tune.

There's an instrumental version included in the package and a remix by DJ Butcher of Chopshop, who takes the track in a funky percussive new direction.

As a special treat to our readers, DJ Agent 86 has also given us a link to the fourth track on this package, which you can download for free. 'Pick Up The Party' is a disco-hop banger that puts a smile straight on your face! Grab it here, you lucky, lucky people.

Listen to 'All About The Money' below and buy on Juno.

LSR007 Preview by Lightspeed Recordings

Until next week, keep those promos, press packs and info coming to

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Badboe's Gonna Rock the Launch Party!

Denmark's own Godfather of funky breaks, Badboe, is now confirmed as the headline act for our launch party - to take place at The Lost Angel, Battersea on Friday, July 9th.  The venue was voted Best New Bar by TimeOut Magazine recently - it's one of the finest swanky venues London has to offer.

DJs will perform 1v1 in a head-to-head, funk fuelled night of mayhem.  Followed by a headline set by Badboe himself!  Flyer to follow very soon!

The full line-up looks like this:
Badboe - Breakbeat Paradise/Goodgroove/Bombstrikes Flying from Denmark for 1 hour headline set!
Hayz - Breakbeat Paradise/Pig Balls Records/ Big M Productions
Chris Awesome - Big M Productions
Johnny Pluse - Bulabeats /Breakdown Records - Flying from Ireland!
Kool Hertz - Breakdown Records/Funk Weapons
Bubaking - Brap!
Lebrosk - Warriorz Records
Hong Kong Ping Pong - NSB Radio

the 101 Connection
TotalCult - Booty Pirates/Royal Soul Records

The place will be rocking from 8pm to 2am. We sincerely hope to meet a lot of you down there, as we want to make this community real - not just online.  It's gonna be a blinder!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some superfly mixes for your funk-holes!

We've got a couple of red hot mixes for you this week, one coming from Lebrosk and another from DJ Delboy aka Delimentary.

Man like Lebrosk drops the jams on the first mix, dripping with funk and bursting at the seams with booties and re-rubs. Weighing in at just under an hour, this mix is pure class - even by Leb's incredible standards. In short: you need this on your iPod.

Lebrosk's Nufunk.Net Promo Mix (May 2010) by Lebrosk

Secondly a mix that was brough to our attention by Slim over at GoodGroove. DJ Delimentary cuts, mashes and spins his way at breakneck speed through a whole heap of tracks - controlling 4 decks to make a full on audio assault in a NuFunk stylee.

Watch thew vid and enjoy:

If you have a mix to share, a video to promote or a new track to get out, send it to the usual address:

What's That Sound? Datafile One

We've got a What's That Sound? with a difference this week. We're looking at a CD that was the staple source for a vast swathe of dance music produced in the 1990s.

It's possibly the most influential sample CD of all time. Released in 1991 and containing sounds ranging from Roland 808 kits to breakbeats, soulful vocal hooks to wierd animal FX, it was a one-stop shop for all samplists and its influence can still be heard today.

We're talking, of course, about Zero-G's 'Datafile One'.

Everyone from Coldcut to the Prodigy have used sounds from this sample pack. Whether they sourced them from 'Datafile One' isn't certain, but the fact is the sounds appear in their tunes.

Just have a listen to a few of the samples below and try to count the number of times you've heard them used.

Datafile One by

Amazing innit? And all this from a sample CD that didn't even offer purchasers a commercial license.

Until next time, keep your fingers dusty and your grooves clean.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Make It Funky: KPM Project

No huge post this week, just a reminder about the ongoing KPM project we have going on.

Head here to read more about it, here to get some inspiration from how others have sampled this legendary label and head here to grab some sample material, listen to the first couple of project tracks and get involved.

Friday, May 14, 2010 Launch Party

The date and venue for the official launch party are now confirmed - but there's still space for DJs to get on the line-up.

On Friday, July 9th we're taking over the Lost Angel, Battersea, London Town (Voted 'Best New Bar' by TimeOut Magazine) from 8pm all the way through to 2am.

A lot of people are down to play on the night, so we're running a head-to-head 'vs' type DJ line-up. If you want to play some funk to a completely up-for-it crowd, there's still time and space to get involved.

Go here for more details or send an email to - we sincerely hope to see a lot of you down there on the night.

Funky Friday Round-Up

Another week of bangers to get your funky strut on to! Loads to get through this week with releases from Mash & Munkee, Johnny Pulse, a phat-ass remix from Badboe and a free mix from D-Funk.

Mash & Munkee - Work It Out EP

Forthcoming on Funk Weapons, this slab of wax is so hot you'll singe your fingers. Pure funky vibes and a deep fuzz bassline with slick disco touches make the title track a surefire smash as Mash & Munkee continue to show they're on a roll in 2010.

On the flip, 'Make A Difference' drops groovy percussion touches, fly, familiar guitar grooves and laid-back vocal snippets backed with a sharp horn section and some lush flute interludes. Serious business.

Neighbour's remix of 'Work It Out' is a guitar-driven bass-heavy stomp through Funky Town while their take on the B-side takes the track into deeply funky synth disco territory. Awesome work.

Have a listen below and keep an eye out for this release - out soon!

BXP Soundsistema - Balkan Train

This is a chugging eccentric ska tune that would sound right at home in a Mr Scruff set, but the real fire here is the Badboe remix. Infusing it with acid touches and hip-hop sensibilities, Badboe once again proves he's got the Midas touch.

Shazalakazoo comes with a tough wubber bass re-rub that's also well worth checking out.

Johnny Pulse - KaBooom

KaBooom indeed - techy touches, fantastic synth work and old-skool breakbeat touches fuse to fierce effect on this triple-tracker from Ireland's Johnny Pulse.

'Beechmount Car Park Waltz' hits with wobble bass and upbeat ska samples, sure to inject some bounce into the laziest of dancefloors.

Funky beats and heavy acidic synths make for some serious groove on 'Don't Be Pathetic' - which also boasts some of the crispiest beats we've heard this week!

 'Stick 'Em Up' rounds off this tidy package, with more ska brass, some massive crowd-pleasing Funlovin' Criminal samples, bass by Dangerous Dave and a dope guitar groove designed to leave a smile on the face of everyone it touches.

This one is out now on BulaBeats, listen and buy on their Juno page.

Dirty Dubsters - Soundclash EP

Just space to give props to this release - four tracks of booty funk from the guys who are re-defining the word 'prolific', popping out a phat EP almost every week at the moment.

Huge bass shoots through every track, the standout being 'Soundclash', which captures breezy summer ska vibes and injects them with tough beats and snatches of hip-hop vox. Bad-ass business.

Listen below and treat yourself on Juno.

Dirty Dubsters (018) - Sound Clash by DirtyDubsters

D-Funk presents 'The Good Stuff'

Now you know we like to spoil you here at - but this week we've even surprised ourselves!

Dropping over an hour of party anthems, D-Funk's 'Good Stuff' mix has been spinning in our iPod all week and you can listen and download for free below.

From Q-Tip to Sister Sledge, D-Funk has mashed, mixed and re-vamped a whole heap of funky classics, and included loads of his own material, some exclusives and some cheeky pre-release tasters.

Do yourself a favour, play this loud!

D-Funk pres 'The Good Stuff' (Promo Mix//Over an hour of funk, hip hop & disco in a re-licked style) by D*Funk

As usual, keep your promos coming to

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's That Sound? The Big Match

Any crate-digger worth his salt knows library music LPs can be a goldmine of instrumental delights, funky drum fills and snappy breaks.

But one label more than any other is a sign of quality. The plain, unassuming, green label of a KPM release brings shivers to a sample-hunter's spine. In keeping with this week's 'Make It Funky' challenge we're going to look at a classic sample from this hugely influential label.

KPM brought together some of the most talented musicians and composers of the 1960s and 1970s to create library music for television, film and radio.

If you were born in the UK in the 60s, 70s or 80s you will know a whole load of KPM tunes whether you are aware of it or not.

The snooker theme, the music from Grandstand, even the twangy playground funk of Grange Hill all came from this powerhouse label.

Of course this makes it hugely popular among samplists worldwide.

Gnarls Barkley have sampled their tracks as have Talib Kwali, Chemical Brothers and Jay Z.

But let's look at an artist close to our hearts here at - Fatboy Slim.

His album 'Better Living Through Chemistry' brough big funky breaks into the mainstream and one of the biggest tunes on the album was 'Punk To Funk'.

So, any of that sound familiar? Did it remind you of a certain sporting theme? How about 'The Big Match'?

The tune is 'Young Scene' by KPM supremo Keith Mansfield, who also wrote the iconic themes for 'The Sweeney' and Wimbledon Tennis on BBC. You can get the track on KPM 1037 - 'Flaboyant Themes Volume 1' and those clever folks over at Junodownload have got a whole bundle of KPM releases for download.

As a special bonus, we're also tipping a sample from Freestylers Ft. Million Dan 'Dogz & Sledges'.

Again by Keith Mansfield, check out 'Teenage Villain' below:

Until next time, keep your fingers dusty and your grooves clean.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Make It Funky - Let's re-funk KPM

This week we've got a very special 'Make It Funky' for you. Rather than offering samples or other resources, we're setting you a challenge - to Re-Funk a track from the legendary KPM library music series.

Sampled by everyone from The Freestylers, Skeewiff and Fatboy Slim to Jay Z and Gnarls Barkley, KPM produced library music for film, TV and radio - from gentle classical themes to lowdown funky car chase tracks. One of their tunes even featured in Tarantino's 'Kill Bill'.

So, think you can add a fresh NuFunk twist to some dusty old grooves? Then get involved! Whether you're re-editing an existing track, mashing several KPM joints together or building an entirely new track from a KPM-inspired starting point, we want to hear it.

If you don't have any in your collection, you will find KPM records at loads of second-hand vinyl shops, some CD versions are available and a lot of the catalogue is even online at Junodownload.

Any questions? Why not come along to the 'Studio & Production' forum at and ask there, or comment below.

And if you're missing some brass or drums for your track, or need some vocal bits and pieces, why not check out our previous 'Make It Funky' columns for some free sample material.

If we get enough good music together off the back of this, we could put a free release out in homage to the legendary musos that made KPM great.

EDIT: Madwickedbadman over at the forum has offered up some sample material to kick things off - go check out the samples and see what you come up with!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Trotter Interview And Exclusive Mix

Rodrigo Ulson, AKA Trotter, is head-honcho at Brazillian label Royal Soul and one of the NuFunk scene’s most consistent producers.

His sun-drenched, funky productions and ability to spot budding production talent make him one of the most formidable names on the circuit.

He took time to reflect on the state of Nu Funk, talk about his label and share an exclusive mix with readers.

Tell us about how you got into music and the Nu Funk scene?

I’m Brazilian, music was always something real.

Since I was very young I was really connected with electronic music. When I was 14 years old in 1994, I was pretty into dance music and reggae, also one big influence for me was a mix of old USA soul and funk with our traditional bossa school.

When I was 17 I moved to New Zealand, it’s a British colony , so the music drives me to that feeling. I came back to Brazil and stared to produce and play as a DJ in 1999, basically down tempo, chill out and dub music.

After that I was so into Austria/Vienna scene, with Kruder&Dorfmeister and all G-Stone crew, Vienna Scientists Records and Sunshine Enterprises, also the North Americans Baby Mammoth , Nickodemus & Mariano (Turntable on the Hudson) and others who provided that great atmosphere for that time.

Seven years ago I started going to an Austrian record store: Soul Seduction. It was the best in my opinion at that time. I got so much great music there, I've lost count of how many 12” I've bought there.

The shop brought new artists to me, that was the biggest boom for me. First place I heard All Good Funk Alliance.... Frank & Rusty took the great USA funk and put it some Latin touches! Done!! I’m in!

At that time I was in contact with others artists, in 2007 I started one great friendship with Dimitris (Quasamodo), he asked me to remix one of his tunes, after that Angelos from Timewarp Music ask me to join his crew. Dimitris & Angelos really help me a lot, I owe those guys a lot.

Tell us a bit about Royal Soul?

It’s the first 100% Brazilian Nujazz/Nufunk Label, we started in 2007 with our first release on vinyl 12”.

We made the EP here at the last vinyl factory in South America, in 2008 this factory shut down (that was really sad for us), so we moved to digital distribution.

There are producers and DJ in Brazil with more than 10 years' experience of making parties, organizing festivals, with that experience I could catch some great people to work with. For me it’s not only about music, it’s a lifestyle.

I know that music is inside everyone, you just have to develop your skills. If the person has good character and wants to make music and play, it will happen, that’s why am so proud about my artists, very good ones with a huge experience.

In Sao Paulo we have myself (Trotter, DJ Soneca) as well as Phunk Dub, DJ Lotus and Gil Mahadeva. In Campinas there's Zel. DJ Schasko is based in Curitiba, in Goiania is DJ Angelo Martorell - the list goes on.

And the Nu Funk scene in Brazil? Do the Brazilians dig Nu Funk?

Yes, totally!

It’s growing so fast now! The crowd dig the music.

For sure it's one of the good new hotspots! From Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Goiania and Brasilia you can find great parties!

Here in Sao Paulo for over five years I’ve been running one party called Nugrooves, loads of great Funk/Disco/Jazzy/Bossa DJ´s and artists from Brazil have already played there and some great overseas artists too like : All Good Funk Alliance (Funk Weapons), Shantisan (Salted Soul), Stickybuds (Good Groove), Neighbour (Homebreakin'), as well as Soul Slinger + Zulu Nation Crew & Afrika Bambaataa.

There are also some great festivals of electronic music or jazz festivals, we are connected with that too, putting the funk to the crowd.

Who should we be keeping an eye on in the nu funk scene this year?

Neighbour from Canada, Kool Hertz in the UK and in Greece, DJ Kid Stretch.

Who is your favourite Nu Funk DJ?

A-Skillz or Parker

What is your proudest achievement in life?

To be part of something bigger and pioneer.

Tell us a bit about your latest release - 'Back In Time'?

Its one of my favourites releases, made it when i get back from my European tour in 2009.

Late November I finished it, so was really close to our summer here in south hemisphere. I've been playing all the summer in Bahia, very good feedback from the crowd, it’s a good one for this summer in Europe!

Any info on upcoming Royal Soul releases?

Yeah, we have a lot of great stuff coming up!!

In May we've got Phunk Dub – Coffeeshop and in June we've got Zel – Electronic Pocket, this is the debut album from Zel.

After that we've got the 'Back In Time' remixes coming out with Kool Hertz, Neighbour, Timewarp and Quincy Jointz - that's going to be fantastic, I'm super glad about it.

Then in August we've got Gil Mahadeva – 'Joy Remixes' - we are still cooking this one, but what i can tell for now its one great remix from UK producer TotalCult!

Tell us about the free mix you're sharing with the readers?

Well, I think this new site is essential, so I created a mini live mix for the community. It has some of my own tracks and some remixes I've made. All the best from Sao Paulo!

Listen below and if you want to get your hands on a copy of this exclusive mix, as well as a whole bunch of other goodies, head over to our exclusive Member's Vault and download the 'Megabundle'. This is a members-only forum, so if you're not a member yet, join up HERE.

Trotter * Mini Live by Royal Soul Records

Funky Friday Round-Up

Big new tunes and releases in NuFunk this week from Illeist Collective, the mighty Dr Rubberfunk and fabulous freebies from the superb 6ix Toys and Fatboy Slim.

Illeist Collective - Every Time Fy. Ninelives The Cat

Tough techy beats and turbo-charged bass back up another fly verbal performance from Ninelives The Cat. This release, the first on new label  Roca, comes with hype remixes from CMC & Silenta, Funkanomics and D-Funk.

It's due for release mid-May. Take a listen below and as always - if you like what you hear, go buy it.

Illeist Collective - Every Time feat. NineLives The Cat by Rocarecords

Dr Rubberfunk - Northern Comfort

One of the longest serving, most innovative and creative names in the NuFunk scene, Dr Rubberfunk, is back with a soulful groover on Jalapeno Records.

'Northern Comfort' sees the good doctor teaming up with singer John Turrell to create rolling soul smash with a wonderful vocal performance.

Slynk puts in a smooth remix, which alternates between drifting and driving, and the single has a bonus in the shape of 'Bombay Bossa', where twangy sitar sounds and snappy drums shimmer alongside psychedelic reverse lines and lush instrumentation.

Have a listen below and check out the release on Juno to buy.

Northern Comfort feat. John Turrell (Live on BBC Radio 4) by Rubberfunk

6is Toys - Do Your Thing

Available on 7" vinyl, this driving funk cover version is also available as a 'name your price' download from 6ix Toys Bandcamp page.

It comes backed with a bass-heavy jazzy hip-hop number, 'Turner & Ride'.

The band have loads of material on their Bandcamp page, some for sale, some for free. I recommend you check it out.

6ix Toys - Do Your Thing - Out March 2010 by 6ix Toys

Fatboy Slim - Champion Sound (Hereldeduke Remix)

Just found this free remix of the Fatboy banger 'Champion Sound' - available free here. It's chunky, funky and cool. Get on it.

Until next week, keep those promo packs, press releases and bribes coming in to

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's That Sound? Hustlers Convention Live

Sometimes a record arrives that changes everything. 'Hustlers Convention Live 1989' is one of those records.

Recorded live at Cafe de Paris, London, on March 14th 1989 - not only did it set in stone a massively important moment, as UK hip-hop found its own voice and threw one of the most legendary parties of all time, but it informed everything that followed.

One this record Tim Westwood, Asher D, Daddy Freddy, Merlin, The Demon Boyz and even Queen Latifah play host to the most hype party ever committed to wax. The crowd is rowdy, the MCs are at the height of their game and the tracks come thick, fast and grimey.

As the breakbeat hardcore scene erupted in the UK from 1990 onwards, the sound was heavily influenced by the rap records the DJs and producers had in their crates.

Public Enemy's albums were picked apart for breakbeats and vocal snippets, but arguably the Hustlers Convention was even more influential.

Sampled repeatedly by The Prodigy, you can hear parts of this album on Ruff In The Jungle Bizzness, Fire, Rip Up The Soundsystem, Everybody In The Place and even recently on Take Me To The Hospital.

The Freestylers and Freska Allstars also got in on the act.

However, trying to list the artists who have sampled this record is futile. Just have a listen and see how many snippets you recognise.

Asher D and Daddy Freddy - The Ragamuffin Duo Take Charge

Daddy Freddy - Live Jam

MC Duke & Merlin - Freestyle 2

The Demon Boyz - Roughneck Business

Second-hand copies of this record are still around. Check Discogs to find some that are available. And it appears you can also download the album in MP3 format from Amazon.

Anyway, until next time, keep your fingers dusty and your grooves clean.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Make It Funky: Soul Voices

Brace yourselves, we have nearly 200MB of soul acapellas for you this week. With more than 50 tracks, this pack is one of the definitive soul vocal packs.

Featuring classics from Diana Ross, The Four Tops, The Jackson Five, The Supremes, The Temptations and many more, you need this in your life whether you are a producer or a DJ.

It's got soulful 'oooohs', funky grunts and catchy hooks aplenty. So slice them up, loop them up, mash them up or just chill out and listen to some acapella soul.

EDIT: Due to mad traffic on this pack, we've had to upload to Upload Jockey: NEW LINK.

Grab them here.

Or at this alternative link: Clickety click.