Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Presents Boogie Boutique - Launch Party Friday 8th October!

Here at NuFunk HQ, we're proud to present the launch of BOOGIE BOUTIQUE –'s new monthly event at the award-winning Lost Society in Clapham, London on Friday 8th October, 2010.

The partying will continue on the 2nd Friday of EVERY month thereafter.  Those who attended the website Launch Party in the summer will know this event is unmissable!

DJ/Producers Hayz & Chris Awesome will host the event and we'll be looking for support from the community for the launch night,  We hope to book a few of you up for sets for the forthcoming Boogie Boutique nights each month and will announce some very special guests over the coming months! Those of you who attended the Launch Party in the summer will know this event should not be missed!

Download FREE Hayz track to whet your appetite:
  Wicked Trip by Hayz 

Check out our Facebook event page here and get inviting your fellow funksters:

On top of this - to celebrate the launch of the new event and to demonstrate the infectious sound that Boogie Boutique will bring - have signed several accomplished artists in the NuFunk & Breaks scene to produce exclusive tracks for a special one-off CD compilation, which we promise is packed with party bangers! 

At Clapham’s swankiest venue, which boast the finest cocktails, our promo girls will be handing out FREE copies of the CD at the launch, which contains a mix of unreleased tracks produced by Nick Fonkynson, CMC & Silenta, Kid Stretch, Badboe, Hayz, the Breakbeat Junkie, Chris Awesome, Totalcult, Rory Hoy, Funk Ferret and Rhythm Scholar. is set to release all tracks on the CD in the near future – but get your mitts on them first by bagging a copy at the launch party!

BTW if you're wearing a T-shirt on the BOOGIE BOUTIQUE launch night, then pop to the DJ box and jump up and down and you'll earn yourself a free drink courtesy of

And if you don't already know - funky tees can now be purchased here:

Let's do more than just talk about the scene online - let's get real and involved! e1 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Royal Soul Competition Winner Announcement

Thanks to everyone who entered our competition to win an exclusive, funked-up promo CD from DJ Soneca.

The competition is now closed and we are pleased to announce that the CD will be winging its way to: Niko Melaluka.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Win A Very Exclusive Mix CD From Royal Soul's DJ Soneca

This week, in place of our regular interviews and exclusive freebies, we have a very exciting competition.

One of our lucky readers has the chance to bag an ultra-rare mix CD from one of the leading lights of funky beats.

Rodrigo Ulson, aka Trotter, aka DJ Soneca, is a globetrotting DJ, producer and boss of the Royal Soul label.

His latest promo CD, not available in the shops or online, contains a seamless, funked-up mix of lowdown groovy tracks - including many unreleased and pre-release gems from Royal Soul Records and Timewarp Music.

All you have to do to get your hands on a copy of this excellent mix CD is answer the following question:

What year did the first release come out on Royal Soul?


HINT: If you're having trouble with the answer, you could maybe check our interview with Rodrigo here. By some sort of crazy coincidence, the answer might just be in there somewhere!

We'll pick a lucky winner out of the hat and announce who won next week.

Good luck!

Funky Friday Round-Up

More bombastic bangers to be heard as we check out the latest releases from the world of NuFunk. Bombstrikes, Big M, Breakbeat Paradise, Dirty Dubsters and even Rennie Pilgrem all have tracks out at the moment that can't be missed!

Nick Thayer & Ali B - Bombstrikes Vol. 19

Label veteran Nick Thayer comes together with breaks legend Ali B to create an absolutely tearing release - even by Bombstrikes' very high standards!

Three tracks of pure dancefloor-friendly fire, this is a no-brainer for any NuFunk DJ.

A mad-catchy horn riff and killer hip-hop breaks combine on 'Music', while 'N E Way' gives Dillinger's 'Cocaine' the NuFunk banger treatment.

The phatest track is probably 'Back To You', which unleashes an insanely bouncy bassline alongside a classic De La Soul sample. BIG TINGS!

It's out September 20th at your local vinyl emporium, but in the meantime, check the phatness below.

  Bombstrikes Vol 19 'Nick Thayer & Ali B' Sampler by Nick Thayer

Mr Konfuse & Lunatic - Don't Wanna Lose It EP

A classic house vocal gets the funky breaks treatment on this vinyl only release from Nova Gain Records.

The 'Original Version' is pretty cool, but CMC & Silenta's version really kicks off. Ditching the original vocal for Candy Staton's anthemic 'You've Got The Love' and turning the Latin funk up to 11, the Manmade guys create a monster of a track!

You can grab a copy from Juno, and check it out on the player below.

  Don't Wanna Lose It - EP by Mr. Konfuze And Lunatic

Omegaman - Hip Drop EP

The mighty Omegaman brings the funky hip hop vibes on 'Hip Drop' with catchy scratchy cuts, skankin' guitars and a couple of wicked breakdown and drop moments.

Label head-honcho Badboe takes the track into slinky groove territory with some soulful vocal touches while Jayl Funk spins off into a smooth Balearic world of his own with tight stepping drums and lush horn grooves.

Rephrase gets moody with a smoked-out hip hop mix full of haunting instrumentation and bomb-droppin' vocal snippets.

This one is out on September 20th on Breakbeat Paradise. You can preview the release here and keep an eye on their Juno page for the release.

Dirty Dubsters - Big Tings Ft. Bass Nacho

Dublin's Dirty Dubsters bounce back with a ska-hop sizzler ready to squeeze the last drop of sunshine out of the British summer.

'Big Tings' does exactly what it says on the tin, with fat beats, a head-nodding, foot-stomping groove and an incredible vocal performance courtesy of Bass Nacho.

Mr Benn comes with a second version 'pon de flip.

Listen below and keep an eye on Juno for the release, as it's currently shrouded in mystery!

  Dirty Dubsters feat. Bass Nacho - Big Tings! radio edit by DirtyDubsters

  Dirty Dubsters feat Bass Nacho - Big Tings (Mr Benn remix) by DirtyDubsters

Timothy Wisdom & The Outlier - The Lollidrop EP

Almost certainly one of the heaviest releases to hit our inbox this month -  this new Big M phatty hits harder than a hammer!

The title track is a swung-out booty which will get the girls flooding to the floor and put a crazy grin on the face of the crowd before smashing them to pieces with its lung-rupturing bassline.

'Rock With Me' doesn't let up the pressure either - boom bap beats and a bassline ruder than a Bernard Manning joke book slam out on this one.

To be honest, words don't do it justice, listen below and buy on Juno.

  "The Lollidrop" - Timothy Wisdom & The Outlier by THE OUTLIER

  "Rock With Me" - Timothy Wisdom & The Outlier by THE OUTLIER

Rennie Pilgrem - Street Legal EP 2

The world of breaks was divided when Rennie, one of the godfathers of the scene, took a funkier direction last year on his Street Legal EP. Since then, he's been busy in his Bushdoctors guise.

Now he's back with another in the Street Legal series and it bangs! Rennie brings the funky housey break stylings on intro track 'Chocolate', before Indian style strings and some serious squonky FX announce the arrival of 'Grasshoppa'.

'Last Train' and 'Paint Strippa' bounce through tight funky breaks territory, while 'Kind of Brown' is an unexpected chillout trip.

Tune of the album for my money is 'Dalek Dub' - a mid-tempo funk roller with wicked bass, crispy beats and laid-back yet danceable vibes.

It's out on September 13th, and will be available at all your favourite online retailers, as well as the TCR shop. In the meantime, check out Rennie's promo mix here and a cheeky freebie 'Dalek Vox' here.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

DJ Zeph - Interview And Exclusive Mixtape For Download!

When DJ Zeph exploded into our consciousness last year with his 'Batidas Latinas' EPs we were blown away with his inventive, smooth edits and ability to select just the right vocals to ride on some of the hottest Latin beats around.

But he’s far from a newcomer to the scene. Starting out as a breakdancer before he moved behind the decks, Zeph has been a true B-Boy since the early 80s.

He took time to out answer a few of our questions and drop an exclusive download for our members.

From what we’ve heard so far, it seems like you have been involved in the hip hop/breakbeat scene from almost day one. How did you get involved and what do you think about how the movement has developed?

I was really blessed to be around and inspired by folks like DJ Imperial, Kutmasta Kurt, and Bubba G Scotch (Zulu Nation) in my hometown Santa Cruz, California. Even though it’s a small town, these guys were world class talents.

I could say I caught the fever from them in the early to mid 1980s. Recording radio shows, going to parties and shows, practicing DJing, sampling and working with vocalists and musicians.

When I moved to the SF bay area in ’92, again I was around world class talent. Qbert, Quest, DJ Apollo, Future Primitive events. I would just feed off being around them and what they were doing. Even more recently, I was on tour with Shadow and Cut Chemist, Lateef and Gift of Gab, just getting inspired by being around them.

It seems like there’s always been cool music and still is. Now it just seems like you have to dig more, and there’s more fluff out there.  A lot more. I find it's always good to think out of the box, because labels and genres can be limiting, but there are always interesting scenes and pockets popping up that freak original breaks, beats, and dope hip hop.

It sometimes seems like the scene today is a bit schizophrenic.  One end is moving towards an auto-tuned pop style, while the other seems to be going back to its roots, revelling in old-school sampling, turntablism and blending. What are your thoughts on the future of breakbeat/hip-hop?

I just don’t like it when people look at it like there’s a line between the two. I like my tech with some organic and my organic with some tech. I love vintage sounds, but old stuff sounds best when it slaps like it's brand new.

How did your relationship with music begin? What music did you listen to growing up?

I remember hearing a lot of mainstream stuff like Stevie Wonder, Donovan, the Eagles, Crosby Stills and Nash being played around the house. To this day, when I hear certain songs on all of those albums - I cant sit still. Love 'em! One of my proudest bassline chop-ups is from a Donovan record. The 60s & 70s were a great time for tones.

And when/how did you start producing your own tracks?
Somehow, I always knew I also wanted to produce my own tracks. I first started at around age 15 with my partner Tosh, working on a cassette 4-track.  We used a guitar FX box with infinite echo as a sampler. One day, I learned that I could chop beats into the loop by accident and that was really the beginning of manipulating and reconstructing samples. Bought an Ensoniq EPS 16+ several years later.

Looking at your discography, you have had a string of releases dating back to the early 90s – how have you managed to stay so prolific?
My first ever release was a number one college record (CMJ), so I feel like I came on strong at a great time in music. The company that did the college promo on it, Spectre,  hadn’t had a debut artist go number one previously.  They brought me to the CMJ conference in NYC where I was a panelist with Guru (R.I.P.)

The Bay was really a Mecca for DJs and turntablists at that time.   I felt like one of the few that was producing, cutting it up and playing in clubs. I won San Francisco Weekly DJ/Turntablist of the Year shortly afterwards.

My second solo album had some songs that were popular at the time in clubs. The last full length I did with lyricist Azeem, 'Rise Up', has gotten lotsa love in the licensing department. The new Karate Kid movie, HBO's Entourage, Adidas, and MTV have all used tracks from it. So my stuff has seemed to stay out there and be in demand.

How do you approach making a new track?

As a DJ first, I would say that I’m usually first inspired by something I hear. Could be a record, something played by a keyboard player, a car skid, anything.  Sometimes I’ll pass by a construction site and the way they’re pounding on some beams makes me think “oh that would be cool in a track”.

After the initial idea, it’s usually about finding the right layers, or changes. Sometimes I feel like simpler is better, some things sound better with more. Then I think about the objective, is it for vocals, baritone sax, scratching or all 3? I try to make my stuff sound interactive.  If I give a track to a vocalist and they send me the vocals, I’ll usually retouch the track to highlight moments in vocals.

Is there a ‘DJ Zeph sound’? If so, how would you describe it?

In a word I'd say 'organic'. I like breaks too. All those years of listening for breaks on records that sound cool, but are ruined by loud or obnoxious solos or string sections, made me never want to release anything that sounds like that. I love solos and strings, but also fat simplistic beats.

Tell us about your latest releases and anything you have coming out soon?

The 'Batidas Latinas' limited edition vinyl is actually inspired by a mixtape of the same name, out now on Breakin' Bread Records. I also have a new project with drummer Max MacVeety (Crown City Rockers), just turntables and drums called Skins & Needles. Although primarily a live project, we have a CD titled 'Back Beat Symphony'. I did a rock/hip hop mixtape with Azeem called 'On The Rocks' a little while ago and just finished a full length with DJ/producer Enki on some uptempo breaks DJ ish!

Which bands/DJs/producers do you enjoy the most?

For DJs - locally DJ D Sharp, my man DJ Platurn in my crew the Oakland Faders. I love anything Kid Koala does and thought his latest rock project - The Slew, was killing. I got some recent DJ Spooky that’s got some good joints on it. DJ Para’s album 'Fallen On Def Ears' on Breakin' Bread got some serious rotation in my car stereo. I've also been listening a lot to the Pretty Things, and saw Budo’s Band recently and they were doin' it.

How do you feel about new developments in production and DJ technology – Ableton, digital vinyl etc?

I’m all for it. We have to adapt otherwise we get left behind and this technology opens some great doors. My only complaint is that it seems like now that we can do a lot more, folks are actually doing a lot less. I almost never see folks using Serato or Ableton to really advance what they were doing previously. It’s usually more for convenience or so that it's easier. That doesn’t benefit music.

And can you reveal a killer production tip to our readers?

I almost never compress scratch/cut tracks. Usually I’ll ride volumes if necessary.  If it's hi pitched I find I usually want to turn the scratching down and up when the cut plays. This isn’t a killer tip, but more than a few times I’ve had other pro engineers over compress my cuts and not get that the subtleties in volume differences are necessary to the track. Especially if I’m doing manual echoes - over compressed will completely kill the effect.

How do you feel about being able to reach out to people through the internet – is it changing the music industry for the better?

Well, I like being able to do it, and it benefits me and my production world. But on the whole, I’d say that music is suffering since the invent of the internet. Not just financially - in every way.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

I just had another song from the Rise Up album placed in a commercial for Justin Timberlake’s new liquor company - Cheers.

What’s your favourite sound?

It's a tie between baritone sax and female voice

And your least favourite sound?

Mic feedback.

What’s the last tune/album/podcast you put on your MP3 player?

The Stance Brothers

What is your proudest achievement in life?

I’ve had several, but it was nice to bring my mom and step dad to the San Francisco Weekly Awards, and feel their pride.

And your biggest regret?

Autotune was my idea, I just never thought it would turn into a multimillion dollar industry.

What do you think about the launch of

Love it, wish you big success.

And finally, can you tell us about the exclusive free track/mix that you are offering our readers?

It’s the 'Back Beat Symphony' mix by Skins & Needles, with me on turntables and drummer Max MacVeety from Crown City Rockers. It’s a live duo project designed to move butts!

Once the preview track above has whetted your appetite, head straight over to get your copy of Zeph & MacVeety's incredible 13-track, live drummin', funk breakin' mash-up mix, from our Member's Vault at the forum. You can't access the vault if you're not a member of, in fact the forum is invisible until you sign in.

Once you sign in, the password for the Vault is in the forum description. We've spray-painted it out in the picture below, but you get the idea:
And if you're not a member yet, get on it and join the rapidly growing community HERE

Friday, September 3, 2010

Bag yourself an exclusive T-Shirt

NuFunk fans can now spread the funk and grace any party with a customised T-Shirt!  Once again, the No.1 NuFunk community has listened to its members and bowed to public demand to make this funky attire available to party people everywhere!

Prices: Black T-Shirt - £24.99 Black T-Shirt with customised logo on reverse £29.99

Please note: Prices include delivery to UK mainland.  However, if you require overseas postage, please specify when ordering, as there may be a small additional charge for orders outside of the UK.

*Payment can be made via Paypal, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Size Guide:
Custom Logo:

If you wish to have your own custom logo on your T-Shirt, please attach the hi-res artwork in one of the following formats (ideally transparent):

We accept the following file formats: .PSD, .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .JPG, .PNG & .PDF

Please email with your order requirements (style, size, attach logo, delivery address) and insert " T-Shirt Order" in the subject field.  Our team will contact you with instructions on how to place your order.

DJs, Producers and Party People - feel free to email a photo of yourself donning your Nu-Funky Tee and we'll feature you on the website!