Friday, March 25, 2011

Classic Funky Friday Roundup

And now it’s time for a little segment that we like to call - Funky Friday Roundup! This time however, we are going to look at some classics from back in the day that shaped the scene what we now call Nu-Funk/Ghetto Funk/Midtempo Breaks/Etc!

DJ Format - Music for the Mature B-Boy

One of our favourite LPS of the 2000’s Funky Breaks scene. Contains the classic track “We Know Something You Don’t Know” and some absolutely brilliant bangers such as ‘Last Bongo In Brighton’, ‘Little Bit Of Soul’ and ‘English Lesson’. Absolutely Fantastic

Mr. Scruff - Get A Move On!

A quintessential track of the late 1990’s. One of our favourite artists’ greatest moments that even made it to the world of advertising. A superb jazzy Breakbeat/house track that pretty much shaped the face of the more sophisticated world of dance music for the better. The Glitch 303-filled B-Side ‘Ug’ still sounds fresh in 2011 as it did back in 1999.

Fatboy Slim - Gangster Trippin’

Before A-Skillz, Featurecast and the like there was Fatboy Slim! Gangster Trippin’ in our opinion is the blueprint for the modern Midtempo breaks scene complete with loud drums, funky horn riffs and catchy hip-hop vocals. Regarding the B-Side ’The World Went Down’ - Anyone who disses Big Beat for being cheesy can just hide in a hole as this is a pretty dark tune! Also for those who love Electro House, Check out Lazy Rich's new remix too!.

Jstar - Regulate Rock


March 15th 2011 marked the tragic passing of west coast rapper/singer, Nate Dogg. Originally released in 2009 on Vinyl, Regulate Rock mashes the classic Warren G and Nate Dogg song ‘Regulate’ with Jennifer Lara’s cover of ‘Woman Of The Ghetto’ flawlessly. Westside!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Funky Fresh Funky Friday Roundup

Here we go again, as we have another edition of what we like to call, Funky Friday Roundup! If you are in London on Friday 11th March,Rory Hoy is performing with resident DJ's Hayz and Chris Awesome at the Lost Society ( in Clapham, London. Don’t miss it!

Anyway, hhherrreeee wwwweeeee gggggoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max Sedgley feat. Tasita D Mour - Superstrong

The amazing Max Sedgley is back again to bring the funk with this fantastic vocal tune. This track harkens back to the early 1990’s Acid Jazz scene when people like Jamiroquai, The Brand New Heavies, The Young Disciples and Indigo ruled the world. Remix duties are held by Faze Action doing it late 1980’s Chicago House style and the Basement Freaks doing it in a modern day Nu-Funk Style. For retro Max Sedgley, check out Fatboy Slim’s remix of ‘Happy’. It’s brilliant!

Dusty Tonez - Steady as She Breaks


Johnny Pluse’s rising Bulabeats label has picked up another new star in the form of Dusty Tonez. Complete with rockin’ guitar samples, crazy scratching and electro house synthesisers, This is this month’s #1 party anthem! Johnny Pluse himself also provides a great remix too, which is just as good as the original tune.

Various - Into Battle Vol. 3

Bombstrikes is back again with another 4-track E.P. Pimpsoul begins the E.P. with a funky reworking of a La Roux song, while Parker does a fantastic Big Beat Ghetto Funk remix of Jimi Hendrix - Recommended for any fans of A-Skillz’s Beatles reworks, and this track has support from Mr. Freddy Fresh! On Side B, Slynk does a really groovalicious Electro Breaks banger called ‘Woah Now’ that harkens back to P-Funk and Prince, while one of our favourite producers at the moment, Neon Steve, does a really glitch-ey Rock influenced joint with great guitar samples.

Totalcult - Nice Disco E.P.

 The spirit of disco is far from dead! With support from All Good Funk Alliance, Rory Hoy, Zamali, iDJ Magazine and Timothy Wisdom, the amazing Totalcult returns with a fantastic new E.P. The title track is a very laid back number, that will appeal to both those who want to groove and those who want to chill, and to make the package go that one step higher, Trotter has provided a great Nu-Funk Disco remix. The highlight for us at amazing ‘Disco Call’, that samples the Beastie Boys and contains some nifty scratching and a bassline to die for.

Various - Disco Cakes Vol. 2


Nu-Funk, Ghetto Funk, Midtempo Breaks, Whatever you want to call it, this scene has provided some fantastic 4-track various artist E.P.’s over the past couple of years and this is one of them! The Dancefloor Outlaws, Tom Drummond with JMC, Delimentry and Slynk with Ed Solo provide probably some of the most cheerful funky anthems for the summer. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, you are missing out on something! The Slynk VS Ed Solo remake of Skee-Lo is especially good. 

Take care boys and girls, and see you all again for the next Funky Friday Roundup!