Monday, July 26, 2010

Funky Friday Round-Up (Erm, yeah, on a Monday)

We're late, but it will be worth the wait - with bombastic releases from the Pig Balls crew, a mega tag-team release from Big M and future classics from Belleruche and Unifairfly. Oh, and there's a free track from Johnny Pluse too.

Various Artists - The Golden Pig Collection

The 10th release from Pig Balls is a biggie - more than 20 tracks from a diverse spread of artists, covering a wide range of styles.

From established NuFunkers like Nick Fonkyson and Pulp Fusion to emerging artists like tOtALcULt and Matty Blades, this compilation reads like a who's who of NuFunk.

Highlights are many on this album, but a few stand out.

Fonkysons strutting flute funk groover 'Da Pig Jam' is a wicked excursion to the limits of funk-hop, while Prosper's 'Piggy Korn Crisp' brings heavyweight bass into the fray.

Mustbeat Crew and MC Columbo head straight into dancehall territory with the wicked 'Pigs On Fire' and Ram Skank hotwires a truck full of bigbeat breaks and tears headlong into a van loaded with soulful vocals.

A compilation that celebrates and represents the diversity of this wonderful scene of ours. Get it in your crate, it's got something for every dancefloor.

Listen to a few hits below and buy it here.

PulpFusion & Jim Dunloop - Pig Adilly by Pig Balls Records

Totalcult - Pig Tok Rocker by Pig Balls Records

RamSkank - I Feel Pig Sick by Pig Balls Records

Tombee - The Pig Got Fresh by Pig Balls Records

Unifairfly - Rock To Rhythm

Out on August 2nd on Funky Mamas & Papas Recordings, this double-tracker from Unifairfly features great brass, super-funky guitars, great drumming and slinky bass alongside wicked hip-hop snippets - in fact all the elements of a wicked NuFunk release.

Have a listen below. We're not 100% sure where this one is giong to be available, but keep an eye on the label's Juno page for more details....

FMAP010 by Unifairfly

Belleruche - Clockwatching

Forthcoming from the Tru Thoughts camp, this hot slice of 7" action is a moody 60's soul number which showcases how tight and groovy this band really is.

Backed with an amazing cover of The Beat's 'Mirror In The Bathroom', this is another great release from Tru Thoughts. Head over to the label's site to bag your copy.

We've not got a Soundcloud preview, but someone had uploaded this appearance from the band on radio, in which you can hear 'Clockwatching':

Belleruche 'Clockwatching' 6music 05 July 10 by MrDenis

Big M Productions - Banging Artists

Last, but far from least this week - an enormous release from Big M (Release date 9th August), a label which has consistently released banging material.

On this latest 12" they are showcasing some amazing artists - combining the skills of Breakbeat Junkie, Hayz, CMC & Silenta and Ewan Hoozami into an Ep so big and heavy it will probably cause the moon to crash into the earth any day now.

Hayz' hotly anticipated Happy Mondays booty will finally see the light of day, blending 'Step On' with enough hip-hop snatches to bring it bang up to date.

'Drinking Song' from Ewan Hoozami is a snappy, brass-driven funk number with a bassline that sends shivers down your spine.

The Breakbeat Junkie once again shows he's a mark of pure funky quality with 'Front to Back' which takes a Stereo MCs groove and breathes new life into it with fat breaks and hiuge breakdowns.

We can't find a preview of the CMC & Silenta track, so you'll have to take our word for the fact that their re-rinse of The Temptations' classic 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone' is seriously banging business.

It hits the streets soon, so preview below and order your copy on August 9th here.

Twisted Lemon by Hayz

Front To Back by The Breakbeat Junkie

Drinking Song (snippet) by Ewan Hoozami

Finally a wicked freebie for you from man like Johnny Pluse, whose new album is still wrecking dancefloors across the globe. Grab his tough re-rub of Paolo Nutini's 10/10 below:


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