Monday, July 19, 2010

Make It Funky: Oberheim DX

This week we've got some wicked samples for you of a classic rhythm box - the Oberheim DX, courtesy of 'Calvin Cardioid' over at the CL516 blog.

You should check out his posts here and here.

The DX was a cut-down version of the Oberheim DMX, using samples of actual drum hits to program rhythms.

Its tight, punchy sounds made sure the unit was widely used in early hip-hop by artists such as Run DMC and later featured in the kit list of everyone from New Order to Daft Punk.

Calvin has uploaded a set of individual one-shots from this beautiful beastie here.

He says: "Feel free to use the loops. (Creative Commons License - Please give credit.) Also, I sampled some single hits so you can load'em up in your own MPC's. These hits hopefully sound pretty thick. They are mono WAV's in 16 bit 44.1khz."

And there are some downloadable sequences here:
Sounds from Oberheim DX by Calvin Cardioid

And a couple more here:
Oberheim DX Free Loop 118 by Calvin Cardioid

Oberheim DX Free Loop 106 by Calvin Cardioid

Oberheim DX Free Loop 180 by Calvin Cardioid

Oh, and if you use these samples anytime, drop the man a line and thank him!

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