Friday, June 25, 2010

Funky Friday Round-Up - totally bumper bonus edition

We've got a totally bumper edition of sizzling releases for you this week, and a few bonus freebies for you too. Spoil you? Oh yes we do!

DJ Wood - Turn Me On

Out tomorrow on Bombastic Jam, this is some mad freshness from DJ Wood - who appears to be on a one-man mission to set 2010 ablaze with a string of banging releases.

The original of this track is a 120bpm stomper, with a beauty of a bassline, catchy vox and some lovely disco elements that uplift without being cheesy.

DJP comes with an equally banging remix, chopping and mangling the original groove without once compromising the funky flavour.

To complete the package Basement Freaks brings a bucketload of booty-quaking bass to his remix, proving once again that his Bombastic Jam label is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Hard to pick a favourite from this release, grab them all FTW.

Listen below and buy on Beatport from tomorrow.

BJ 004 Dj Wood - Turn Me On (Release Date 26-6 on Beatport) by Bombastic Jam

Chris Awesome - Bangers & Mashup Vol. 1

A double-barrelled banger of a release from Chris Awesome, his second on Big M.

As the title implies, there's some cheeky mashing in store as Chic meet Pete Rock over some of the toughest hip-hop breaks I've heard in months.

The flip is a hands-in-the-air battle royale between Public Enemy and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers that will fill dancefloors and plaster smiles on the face of anyone within earshot.

Another quality release from Mr Awesome.

Buy it on Junodownload from tomorrow and listen below.

Freak out in the club by ChrisAwesome

Chris Awesome - Roller-coaster of awesome love by ChrisAwesome

DJ Zeph - Batidas Latinas

Just in case you've been sleeping on Breakin' Bread lately, here's your wake-up call. The killer Batidas Latinas EPs from the king of the beats, DJ Zeph have now got a digital release.

The two EPs comprise 13 amazing blends full of lush Latin funk and raw party hip-hop. Proper summer tings agwan people, you need these in your crate.

Mixing classic Latin tracks from the likes of Hector Lavoe and Sergio Mendez, as well as modern masterpieces from the likes of Quantic and Color Climax with jump-up rhymes from Lauren Hill, KRS-1, Jay Z and more - Zeph has created 13 mini-masterpieces of funk.

Listen and buy below:

Johnny Pluse - How Much For The Monkey

As you know from our recent interview with him, Johnny Pluse has been busy in the studio lately - cooking up some fresh beats.

Well, the wait is almost over - out on July 7th on Breakdown Records, the album 'How Much For The Monkey' is straight banging!

From the old-school live funk stylings of 'Funky Time' and the ska-hop bounce of 'Market Street Hustle' to the tearout JB funk of 'Pleasure Town' and the trip-hop shuffle of 'How Ya' - these are 11 tracks made of purest win.

Managing to be varied without ever leaving the dancefloor, the grooves on this record are strong and the beats are crisp.

Do yourself a favour and seek this out. While you wait, here's an album sampler to whet your appetite:


Label Love - free album

Remember we said we have freebies? Remember how moist that made you feel? Well, get ready to ear-jizz, because here it is, a free album featuring some of the greatest labels and artists in the biz today.

They say: "Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe - each track plucked and presented by label heads from Bastard Jazz, ESL, Fania, Now Again, Plug Research, Tru Thoughts and Ubiquity.

"Each label evokes it’s own signature swagger giving this collection a diversified and interesting flow of genres. Label Love consists of nostalgic classics, fresh unreleased gems and other dope selections with the goal of expanding minds to new styles, vibrations and colors."

We say: "It's free, get it on your pod before they change their minds!!!"

Features tracks from Quantic, Shafiq Husayn, Ancient Astronauts and more.

Clickety click.

Parker vs Focus - Bogus Hocus Pocus

More freeness? Surely not!!!

And yet here it is anyway.

Parker has blessed us with another timely bootleg - this time in the form of a drum n bass version of the prog rock track Nike are using in their World Cup ads.

It's a banger and it also has a super-sweet video courtesy of DJP:

Grab your download here or here.

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