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BadboE Interview, Album Review & Exclusively Produced Bonus Remix for members only!

The Great Dane of Nu Funk - Boe Pedersen (aka BadboE) – has consistently supported the Breakbeat scene and pioneered the resurgence in Bigbeat style NuFunk. His website Breakbeat Paradise is a Mecca for budding producers, his DJ sets the stuff of legend, his releases on Goodgroove, Bombstrikes and his own label a must for every DJ’s crate. He talks candidly to and shares his views on the scene today…

Tell us about Breakbeat Paradise, the website, the label and how it all came about?

It started out as a community for electronic music producers to share music, samples and compete mainly within the Breakbeat genre. The best tunes and artists from this community joined up and started releasing digitally under the brand Breakbeat Paradise Recordings. Lately we’ve focused on Nu Funk and the funkier side of things. Now, with the first 12” vinyl of the newest Basement Freaks EP, we hope to be one of the leading labels in the Nu Funk scene in years to come.

Many new producers swarm to the site, drawn by amazing free sample packs – is supporting the scene at this grass-roots level important to you?

Yeah, I was looking for a place like that when I first started out, but couldn’t find one anywhere, so I decided to make one. It proved very rewarding in getting to know all the different subgenres in the breaks scene as well as meeting a lot of talented people.

Who should we be keeping an eye on in the Nu Funk scene this year?

There’s so many great new producers coming into the scene these days, everyone is bringing their own flavour. The style’s much more diverse than it used to be, which is great. We have the straight funk type breaks represented by the pioneers Fort Knox Five and All Good Funk Alliance and
b-boy type breaks fronted by A-Skillz and disco breaks perfected by Kid Stretch. The bassier more electro funky breaks from cats like Busta - Stickybuds is awesome too. Obviously, we should all look out for the continuous quality releases from classic labels like Goodgroove, Bombstrikes and Manmade Records.

Who is your favourite Nu Funk DJ?

I like all DJs that put energy into their sets and make things flow. A-Skillz and Featurecast are masters at that and Funkanomics do a hell of good job, too!

What’s your proudest achievement in life?

Musically, I’m sure it was releasing my album Break The Funk, which was everything I ‘d been working on since I started out in the mid 90s. I’m also delighted with the releases on Goodgroove, Bombstrikes and Juno Records.

Tell us how you got into music and the Nu Funk scene?

It’s quite strange - I didn’t really get into the Nu Funk scene, it kinda found me. I’ve been passionate about funky breaks since late 90s and continued this love after the Bigbeat era died. So it was a nice surprise when I found there was a genre that my music fitted into. When I produced my first EP for Auditory Designs entitled Loose Your Funky Self – I didn’t even know it was Nu Funk.

Do you think the Nu Funk scene gets the recognition it deserves?

I think it’s starting to get bigger in the clubbing scene – but most people still don’t know what it is. I’m not sure we’ll see it breaking through to the mainstream, but more as music to make the DJs look good.

And the NuFunk scene in Denmark?  Do the Danes dig Nu Funk?

Nope, there’s no Nu Funk scene in Denmark. I think I might be the only producer in Denmark doing this! The Danish music and clubbing industry is extremely conservative.  If there’s no proof that it works, no one wants to take a risk promoting it. A shame, but I guess that’s very common for small countries. However, when I do get a chance to get out and play here, people get down!

What are your biggest influences when it comes to making music?

I’m inspired by a lot of different music, but mainly old 60s and 70s Soul and Funk records. I also like to play around with oldskool rap acapellas to find those little catchy moments that can be repeated over a fresh funky beat.

Can you reveal a killer production tip for our members?

Perfecting the beat is always an important element of any Breakbeat tune. Chopping up old breaks doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. A good tip is to empower the old breakbeats by programming a beat around it – to give more punch on the kicks and more crisp on the snares.

Tell us about the new album ‘Break the Funk - Remixed’? Who have you got remixing?
Any stand-out tracks?

Oh yeah – there’s a lot of outstanding artists in this project and I’m very happy with the results. Naturally, I’m very excited to have a Fort Knox Five remix on this and what a tune that is. I think Jayl Funk and Fuzzbox Inc. did an extremely good job on their remixes and also Nick Fonkynson and BigM made superb remixes. Not surprisingly, Basement Freaks, Tal M Klein and Fretless nailed it with their efforts, too!
You’ve worked with many artists in the past, who would you most like to work with in the future?

Yes, I have had the pleasure to work with a lot of talented people and I want to continue to do so.  I hope to be doing more vocal collaboration as well as teaming up with other Nu Funk artists on booties and mash-up projects.

Nu Funk culture involves artists ripping up classic tracks, using famous samples to create dancefloor bombs. What’s your view on the use of samples, labels releasing such tracks and the age-old copyright debate?

I think the old copyright laws should be changed to allow people to use what they want. Nu Funk and many other genres are all about chopping up different material and creating new dancefloor grooves. A positive side-effect to this is that all the great old music will be introduced to a new generation – who can argue with that?

Tell us something exclusive about Badboe that nobody else knows?

Another BadboE Bombstrikes EP is in the press and will be out mid July 2010!  It includes the Booty of a Preacherman tune now called Shine Like a Halo, as well as a brand new funky bomb called Master Piece. There’s a video in the making for Shine Like a Halo – look out for it!

What are you thoughts about the launch of and the community?

It’s awesome.  It’s a great idea to get everybody united in one place. It’s got some really cool people behind it, so I’m sure it’s gonna be a massive success! I’m happy to be part of the launch on the 9th of July in London, as well as flattered to be asked to do this interview! 
What does it mean to you to be asked to headline at the Launch party and what do you think of the line-up?

I’m very excited about this event and look forward to meeting everyone there. I’m very honoured to be headlining and having seen the rest of the line-up, I know this is gonna be a blast of a funky night.

And finally, tell us about the free joint you've kindly offered up - exclusively for members to download? 

Yeah – the MustBeat Crew have done a groovy remix of My Style (Super Cool), which starts out bumping at 108bpm and slowly speeds up to 120bpm. This remix shows some great skills from the front man Clairvo.  I think we’re gonna hear much more from this crew in the near future.  Check it out exclusively for members!

Once again goes a step further, persuading the best Nu Funk artists to produce an exclusive track especially for our members!

Listen below and if you want to get your hands on a copy of this exclusive track, as well as a whole bunch of other goodies, head over to our exclusive Member's Vault and download the 'Megabundle'. This is a members-only forum, so if you're not a member yet, join up HERE.
  My Style - BadboE (Mustbeat Crew's 108-120bpm Remix) Bonus track! by

And if that's not enough....!  We were lucky enough to get old of all the Masters for BadboEs' forthcoming album Break the Funk - Remixed before the promo has even gone out!  Check out the early-bird album review below:

'Break The Funk’ - the debut album from Danish Nu Funk legend BadboE shook the NuFunk scene with its seemingly effortless blend of raw funky groove, hip-hop cut & paste aesthetic, soulful vocals and slamming dancefloor-friendly breaks.

Now Boe is back, and he’s brought his friends.

Almost every name on the scene throws down for this remix album, from Fort Knox Five and Fuzzbox Inc. to Basement Freaks, Nick Fonkynson and Danny Massure. The rock solid grooves of the original album are re-grooved, remixed, stripped-down, chopped, diced, sliced and re-formed into mighty new funk bombs.

As with ‘Break The Funk’, this album is a must-have for DJs across the spectrum from Breaks and Nu Funk to Rare Groove and Hip-Hop.

Funk In The Air – Fort Knox Five Remix

This album-opener combines a trouser-flapping bassline with rock solid beats and BadboE’s trademark wikka-stikka guitars and hands-in-the-air vocal shouts.

Fort Knox Five remind everyone why they are one of the most admired and imitated acts on the flourishing NuFunk scene with this dancefloor-devastating remix. An instrumental version of this one is also included in the package.

My Bad – Jayl Funk Remix

Scratches, guitar stabs and a rumbling bassline tag-team with rap snippets and chunky breaks on this track. The first breakdown sees Jayl Funk building pressure with an awesome horn line before dropping into an unrelenting groove.

Lose Your Funky Self – Fuzzbox Inc. Remix

Sounding like 22nd Century disco with 1970s grit, this is a banger that will work on any dancefloor. Deep bass, uplifting piano and funked-up guitars blend with soulful samples and enough builds and drops to keep the crowd shaking.

Nothing But The Funk – Fretless Remix

Tackling one of the biggest tunes from ‘Break The Funk’ Fretless lowers the tempo and adds a filthy synth bass to this funky concoction. The groove is spacious and driving, a perfect blend of retro funk samples and nu-skool synths and scratches.

Rescue Me – Big M Remix

Stepping up with tough up-tempo beats, incredible guitar lines and a rolling bassline, Big M’s take on ‘Rescue Me’ is dancefloor-ready right out of the box.

The drop on this one is massive and the second half sees a lowdown, grimey, floor-quaking bassline invade the mix. In short - this one is going to be huge.

My Bad – Basement Freaks Remix

Starting with a 4/4 kick and Latin percussion touches, Basement Freaks really stamp their mark on this track.

Vocal stabs and shining brass swirl around the beats and bass as this tune just grows and grows in a chugging infectious groove.

Let’s Get Ill – Nick Fonkyson Remix

With filtered disco touches, tough drum machine beats and incredibly funky synth bass, Nick Fonkynson’s take on ‘Let’s Get Ill’ takes no prisoners.

The brass section gets a workout and the beats become more and more intense throughout this track. Redefining the word phat!

My Bad – Tal M Klein Remix

A seriously infectious organ riff drives this remix, duelling with funky wah-wah guitars, a low-slung bass riff and deep kick drums.

As the vocal echoes sweep and swirl, the drums get more intense and the lush funky groove takes hold. Tal M Klein sounds like he’s taken the Meters hostage and forced them to play for him at gunpoint.

Ease The Funk – Funky Destination Rhodes Remix

As the name suggests, the electric piano is the start of this show as it blends with a walking bassline, funky vocal snippets and wicked touches of guitar.

A serious groove that takes you back to the old school.

My Bad – Danny Massure Remix

Changing down a gear, Danny Massure gives us a slinky groover, lacing a bluesy guitar riff, funky brass stabs and Latin percussion into a heady cocktail perfect for a sunny day – Mojito on wax!

Funky Intro – Pulp Fusion Remix

The samples and scratches come thick and fast on this one – fat breaks, ‘Lesson’ style vocal snippets and guitar stabs.

When the vocals drop midway through, the groove is rock solid and the disparate elements suddenly come together into one beautiful whole.

Underground Heroes – Prosper Remix

This one gets down and dirty from the outset – full of unexpected switch-ups, jacking beats and filthy bass.

Prosper smashes the original into splinters and re-assembles it into a jagged party stomper with fidget house touches. Big. Real big.

Spread The Words – B-Funk Remix

Deep, spacious vocals flow over cinematic strings and sparse percussion as this strolls along. Definitely one for the after-party crowd, this remix takes BadboE’s original down a jazzy chillout route with amazing success.

Let’s Get Ill Ft. Rabbi Darkside

This track is a massive hip-hop bomb. Darkside’s lyrics flow like a bubbling verbal river over tough beats and a filtered horn groove.

Seriously, as if the beat wasn’t wicked enough, the vocal performance raises this to something else entirely. Must be heard to be believed.

The remix album will be released on  14th June, 2010 - exclusively on JunoDownload (1st July everywhere else).  You can check out the pre-release info HERE and visit BadboE's Soundcloud or website to listen to his tracks and mixes.

                   We at give this album a big phat 9/10 - highly recommended!


  1. Great article, Badboe FOR THE WIN!

  2. Also, fair point about the Danish club scene. Its pretty lame. As a half-dane, its nice to see some good shizzle coming out of Dania!

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