Friday, June 11, 2010

Funky Friday Round-Up: Soundcloud Special

Respresenting some great unsigned free downloads, up and coming producers and undiscovered hits this week, we cast our ears over Soundcloud to bring you some of the hottest tracks around.

Hawk Edits

Hawk Edits from the Netherlands up first, with some hot edits of disco and funk tracks.

There's a lot to choose from on his page, inclduing some DJ mixes, but at the moment I'm fully digging his re-run of Joe Simon's 'Love Vibration' - super soulful disco funk.

Love Vibration - Joe Simon (Hawk re-edit) by Hawk Edits

Coltrum Funk

Some down and dirty, hammond-driven trip hop next from Coltrum Funk. Psylocybian Tale rocks harder than a hard rock.

Coltrum Funk - Psilocybian Tale by Coltrum Funk

DJ Wash - Funk The System

Another artist with a shedload of remixes, mashes and edits on his page, DJ Wash brings the old school bang up to date time and time again with his fresh material.

You have to be quick to catch the downloads on these, don't sleep.

Here's Wash's edit of South Bronx' 'Big Throwdown':

The Big Throwdown - Funk the System Edit by washfunkthesystem


Superbreak, aka Kosta Ellis, brings some slinky slo-mo disco to the party. He's got edits and re-rubs of some of the coolest tracks around.

Check out 'Voices' below:

Voices (Common Sense/Superbreak Edit)-The Police by SUPERBREAK


Bringing it funkier than a skeeter's tweeter, is Hansi from the UK. If you don't know, you better learn!

Here's his take on a James Brown classic:

The JB's ft James Brown - Hot Pants Road (Hansi's SlamDunk the Funk Edit) by Hansi

So check them out, add them, follow them, stalk them - and tell them we sent you!!!

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