Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What’s That Sound? Salsoul

In this column, we’ve already looked at the impact a single record label can have on the music that follows. Some imprints provide such a wealth of material for samplists and diggers that they become the stuff of legend.

Salsoul is one such label.

With artists like Loleatta Holloway, Instant Funk, Edwin Birdsong and of course the all-star Salsoul Orchestra, Salsoul straddled the disco and funk genres, making danceable records with catchy vocal hooks and strong grooves.

This has made them a sampling favourite with everyone from Coldcut and Public Enemy to Spiller and Daft Punk.

We’ll start with probably one of the most iconic samples ever, from ‘Oooh I love It (Love Break)’ by the Salsoul Orchestra.

Listen from around 5.44 and compare to the intro of the Coldcut track below it.

Check out the breakdown at 2.54 in this one and compare it with the bassline from 1.54 in the Daft Punk video below:

And the cultural ram-raiding doesn’t stop there. Spiller ripped off Carol Williams’ ‘Love Is You’ wholesale when they made ‘Groovejet’.

So there you go – whenever you see a Salsoul joint in a bargain bin, grab it and hold it tight, it's solid gold for samplists.

Until next time, keep your fingers dusty and your grooves clean.

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