Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some superfly mixes for your funk-holes!

We've got a couple of red hot mixes for you this week, one coming from Lebrosk and another from DJ Delboy aka Delimentary.

Man like Lebrosk drops the jams on the first mix, dripping with funk and bursting at the seams with booties and re-rubs. Weighing in at just under an hour, this mix is pure class - even by Leb's incredible standards. In short: you need this on your iPod.

Lebrosk's Nufunk.Net Promo Mix (May 2010) by Lebrosk

Secondly a mix that was brough to our attention by Slim over at GoodGroove. DJ Delimentary cuts, mashes and spins his way at breakneck speed through a whole heap of tracks - controlling 4 decks to make a full on audio assault in a NuFunk stylee.

Watch thew vid and enjoy:

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  1. Hi peeps, hope you like the Delimentary video mix above, the audio from this mix is available on my soundcloud, just go to (soon to be delimentary) and follow the soundcloud link! Cheers, DJ Del aka Delimentary.