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Trotter Interview And Exclusive Mix

Rodrigo Ulson, AKA Trotter, is head-honcho at Brazillian label Royal Soul and one of the NuFunk scene’s most consistent producers.

His sun-drenched, funky productions and ability to spot budding production talent make him one of the most formidable names on the circuit.

He took time to reflect on the state of Nu Funk, talk about his label and share an exclusive mix with readers.

Tell us about how you got into music and the Nu Funk scene?

I’m Brazilian, music was always something real.

Since I was very young I was really connected with electronic music. When I was 14 years old in 1994, I was pretty into dance music and reggae, also one big influence for me was a mix of old USA soul and funk with our traditional bossa school.

When I was 17 I moved to New Zealand, it’s a British colony , so the music drives me to that feeling. I came back to Brazil and stared to produce and play as a DJ in 1999, basically down tempo, chill out and dub music.

After that I was so into Austria/Vienna scene, with Kruder&Dorfmeister and all G-Stone crew, Vienna Scientists Records and Sunshine Enterprises, also the North Americans Baby Mammoth , Nickodemus & Mariano (Turntable on the Hudson) and others who provided that great atmosphere for that time.

Seven years ago I started going to an Austrian record store: Soul Seduction. It was the best in my opinion at that time. I got so much great music there, I've lost count of how many 12” I've bought there.

The shop brought new artists to me, that was the biggest boom for me. First place I heard All Good Funk Alliance.... Frank & Rusty took the great USA funk and put it some Latin touches! Done!! I’m in!

At that time I was in contact with others artists, in 2007 I started one great friendship with Dimitris (Quasamodo), he asked me to remix one of his tunes, after that Angelos from Timewarp Music ask me to join his crew. Dimitris & Angelos really help me a lot, I owe those guys a lot.

Tell us a bit about Royal Soul?

It’s the first 100% Brazilian Nujazz/Nufunk Label, we started in 2007 with our first release on vinyl 12”.

We made the EP here at the last vinyl factory in South America, in 2008 this factory shut down (that was really sad for us), so we moved to digital distribution.

There are producers and DJ in Brazil with more than 10 years' experience of making parties, organizing festivals, with that experience I could catch some great people to work with. For me it’s not only about music, it’s a lifestyle.

I know that music is inside everyone, you just have to develop your skills. If the person has good character and wants to make music and play, it will happen, that’s why am so proud about my artists, very good ones with a huge experience.

In Sao Paulo we have myself (Trotter, DJ Soneca) as well as Phunk Dub, DJ Lotus and Gil Mahadeva. In Campinas there's Zel. DJ Schasko is based in Curitiba, in Goiania is DJ Angelo Martorell - the list goes on.

And the Nu Funk scene in Brazil? Do the Brazilians dig Nu Funk?

Yes, totally!

It’s growing so fast now! The crowd dig the music.

For sure it's one of the good new hotspots! From Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Goiania and Brasilia you can find great parties!

Here in Sao Paulo for over five years I’ve been running one party called Nugrooves, loads of great Funk/Disco/Jazzy/Bossa DJ´s and artists from Brazil have already played there and some great overseas artists too like : All Good Funk Alliance (Funk Weapons), Shantisan (Salted Soul), Stickybuds (Good Groove), Neighbour (Homebreakin'), as well as Soul Slinger + Zulu Nation Crew & Afrika Bambaataa.

There are also some great festivals of electronic music or jazz festivals, we are connected with that too, putting the funk to the crowd.

Who should we be keeping an eye on in the nu funk scene this year?

Neighbour from Canada, Kool Hertz in the UK and in Greece, DJ Kid Stretch.

Who is your favourite Nu Funk DJ?

A-Skillz or Parker

What is your proudest achievement in life?

To be part of something bigger and pioneer.

Tell us a bit about your latest release - 'Back In Time'?

Its one of my favourites releases, made it when i get back from my European tour in 2009.

Late November I finished it, so was really close to our summer here in south hemisphere. I've been playing all the summer in Bahia, very good feedback from the crowd, it’s a good one for this summer in Europe!

Any info on upcoming Royal Soul releases?

Yeah, we have a lot of great stuff coming up!!

In May we've got Phunk Dub – Coffeeshop and in June we've got Zel – Electronic Pocket, this is the debut album from Zel.

After that we've got the 'Back In Time' remixes coming out with Kool Hertz, Neighbour, Timewarp and Quincy Jointz - that's going to be fantastic, I'm super glad about it.

Then in August we've got Gil Mahadeva – 'Joy Remixes' - we are still cooking this one, but what i can tell for now its one great remix from UK producer TotalCult!

Tell us about the free mix you're sharing with the readers?

Well, I think this new site is essential, so I created a mini live mix for the community. It has some of my own tracks and some remixes I've made. All the best from Sao Paulo!

Listen below and if you want to get your hands on a copy of this exclusive mix, as well as a whole bunch of other goodies, head over to our exclusive Member's Vault and download the 'Megabundle'. This is a members-only forum, so if you're not a member yet, join up HERE.

Trotter * Mini Live by Royal Soul Records

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