Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's That Sound? Hustlers Convention Live

Sometimes a record arrives that changes everything. 'Hustlers Convention Live 1989' is one of those records.

Recorded live at Cafe de Paris, London, on March 14th 1989 - not only did it set in stone a massively important moment, as UK hip-hop found its own voice and threw one of the most legendary parties of all time, but it informed everything that followed.

One this record Tim Westwood, Asher D, Daddy Freddy, Merlin, The Demon Boyz and even Queen Latifah play host to the most hype party ever committed to wax. The crowd is rowdy, the MCs are at the height of their game and the tracks come thick, fast and grimey.

As the breakbeat hardcore scene erupted in the UK from 1990 onwards, the sound was heavily influenced by the rap records the DJs and producers had in their crates.

Public Enemy's albums were picked apart for breakbeats and vocal snippets, but arguably the Hustlers Convention was even more influential.

Sampled repeatedly by The Prodigy, you can hear parts of this album on Ruff In The Jungle Bizzness, Fire, Rip Up The Soundsystem, Everybody In The Place and even recently on Take Me To The Hospital.

The Freestylers and Freska Allstars also got in on the act.

However, trying to list the artists who have sampled this record is futile. Just have a listen and see how many snippets you recognise.

Asher D and Daddy Freddy - The Ragamuffin Duo Take Charge

Daddy Freddy - Live Jam

MC Duke & Merlin - Freestyle 2

The Demon Boyz - Roughneck Business

Second-hand copies of this record are still around. Check Discogs to find some that are available. And it appears you can also download the album in MP3 format from Amazon.

Anyway, until next time, keep your fingers dusty and your grooves clean.

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