Monday, April 19, 2010

Make It Funky: Gives Me The Horn

Shortly after our launch we got a request from Ryan Wells for some horns & brass samples.

Who are we to refuse? Here's the links to more than 100 samples and loops.

It's the best the web has to offer in terms of funked-up brass for your Nu Funk productions.

First up, and I really shouldn't be letting you in on this one - it's almost too good - more than 80 wicked horn section riffs from the New York Brass group.

This bunch of talented session musicians has put together a brilliantly recorded pack of stabs and horn lines, all in 320kbps MP3 for your listening pleasure. All they ask in return is your email address and a credit if you use one of the samples in a track.

Grab it here before I change my mind about letting this one out.

Next up, the incredible Freesound Project, always a good spot to look for free high-quality sounds.

There are a number of brass samples available - notably those of Simon D’souza who has posted a load of brilliant packs including: New Tenor Sax D minor, Tenor Sax D major 110bpm , Tenor Sax D major 90 bpm and Tenor Sax multisamples.

Get your filthy mitts on them here.

Another Freesound user, Synapse, has posted a couple of tasty trumpet riffs with a Latin flavour here.

Andrea Biondi has posted some excellent sax melodies here. As has Fred Galist, here.

With all these Freesound packs, it is worth checking the license at the bottom of the page, most are released under Creative Credits copyright agreements and may be reserved from commercial use or require crediting the creator.


Any more suggestions or requests, get in touch:


  1. Hi this is Danny from

    Thanks for the warm words. It is exciting to hear work doen using these samples. I am trying to locate songs done using our samples, in order to give exposure to them on our blog (
    Also keep in mind that the goal is to alert people to the fact that live brass can completely open up and liven a song far beyond any midi or sample can give.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch Danny, if we get sent any tracks using your samples, we'll be sure to send them your way.

    I totally agree that live brass is a million miles away from a synth immitation / vst.

  3. awsome, cheers for the samples