Friday, May 20, 2011

Funky Friday Roundup!!!

Let’s spread the word as it’s time again for another Funky Friday Roundup!

Boogie Boutique Vol. 2

After the runaway success of Boogie Boutique Vol. 1, The second volume in the successful Boogie Boutique compilation series is here! Featuring Hayz’s Nu-Funk reggae anthem ‘Ghetto Rat’, and 9 fantastic bangers from BadboE, Nine Lives The Cat, Nick Fonkynson, DJ Kid Stretch, DJ Wood, and many more. An absolutely essential purchase to Nu-Funkers everywhere!

Lebrosk/Totalcult - Dope Horn E.P.

Two of the most amazing names in the funky breaks scene are back for one amazing E.P. With early plays from the likes of Big Beat Revivalist Rory Hoy, this E.P. is going to be huge.

Mr. Scruff - Wobble Control

Manchester’s most beloved DJ is back again with another incredible release. If you love your Midtempo nice and wobbly, you have come to the right place! For the B-Side, Nickodemus & 2EB remix the classic ‘Music Takes Me Up’ from the 2008 masterpiece Ninja Tuna and takes it to another level.

The Give Back E.P.

Riddim full of culture ‘yall! This fantastic release from Riddim Fruit Records from Livingstone & Canosis and also One Funky Soul mashes funky reggae samples, disco beats with the wobbly ghetto sound that has been invading dancefloors everywhere. Don’t sleep on this one!

Defkline/Ed Polo - Rolling In The Mud

The Adele smash-hit ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is fantastically remixed here in Funky Breaks form and for Dubstep lovers, Phatman and Robin are also on remix duties - highly recommended for those who love Skint Records‘ current stuff on the Under 5‘s Label. Holy Dope Beats Batman!

DJ Love - Zigga, Zigga

A really dope old school hip-hop joint with Geechi Suede on M.C. duties and contains some cool scratching. The remix package is really impressive as Nu-Funk stars A-Skillz, Nick Thayer, Fort Knox Five, and DJ Eleven give their own re-interpretations of an already great tune. Recommended.

Take care brothers and sisters, and see you again soon . . Oh wait, how about one more:

Rory Hoy - Tonite E.P.

Mentioned this one before, but it’s one of our very own friends, Rory Hoy and it’s been having a lot of buzz from the likes of Cut La Roc, Stickybuds, All Good Funk Allience, DJ Kid Stretch, BMD, DJ August, DJ Prosper, Floyd Crystal, Danny Massure, Zenit Incompatible, Pulpfusion, Jimi Needles, Ictus, Funkybro, Abrupt, Qdup Foundation, Ewan Hoozami and Rams le Prince.

Been in Juno Breakbeat Top-10 since release and has a collabo with the legend that is Freddy Fresh!

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