Friday, April 8, 2011

It’s Funky, It’s Friday and It’s time for a Roundup

We have some really great releases this time round, let’s not waste any time and dive right into it!

Boogie Boutique Artist E.P. II

Since it’s launch in 2010, Boogie Boutique has become one of the biggest names in the Nu-Funk scene and arriving fresh on the scene is two new faces - Morlack and the Itchy Bastards. Firstly Morlack wants you to “shake it like a white girl” with the tune ‘White Shake’, which is just pure Midtempo funk at it’s best and also provides two other dope bangers, ‘Back In Love ‘and ‘Ying Yang Pulp‘. The Itchy Bastards are also funky as hell - especially the tune ‘Itchy Brick‘, which is just plain awesome. To celebrate the release, Morlack is also giving out a really cool freebie track, ‘Lively Up Yourself‘.

Johnny Pluse - Skanky Bitch

From supporting Boyzone by playing hardcore jungle to becoming one of the biggest faces in the Nu-Funk scene, Johnny Pluse’s career has been a long and interesting one. The Johnny Pluse generation rules the nation with this ragga-influenced banger, ‘Skanky Bitch’ and it’s a treat for all Nu-Funkers far and wide. The remix package is really impressive that includes long-time Nu-Funkers Totalcult, Dusty Tonez and Funkanomics while Generic People go classic Acid House style, and Rory Hoy goes Big Beat Revival meets Moombahton.

DJ Yoda - DJ Yoda & Friends E.P.

We at have been fans of eclectic Turntablist Jedi Master DJ Yoda for a really long time. He has worked with everybody from the Jungle Brothers, Herve, A-Skillz, Nick Thayer, Sway, Princess Superstar to even big name actors like Mark Hamill and for some reason, David Freaking Dickinson! This is a very diverse E.P. as we explore Breaks, House, Hip-Hop, Baltimore, Moombahton and pretty much anything old Yoda could come up with! The highlight for me is his collabo with Nick Thayer and Gotti Boi Chris, ‘Toot It Up’, a really cool mixture of Hip-Hop, Electro, Moombahton and even a hint of Big Beat. Brilliant, this is!

Basement Freaks - Remixed

I love the Basement Freaks - One of Nu-Funk’s absolute finest. This incredible remix album shows some of their finest works reinterpreted by many of the scene’s finest stars including J-Roc, DJ Prosper, Q-Dup Foundation, Wasabi and Omegaman. There is something for everyone on this compilation, and enough to keep you satisfied for a whole year.

Krafty Kuts VS Featurecast - Insane Bangers Vol. 11

Two of the pioneers of our beloved Nu-Funk scene are back and more fresh than ever. The first track “Head Banger” is a great introduction to a fantastic E.P. that samples the Jungle Brothers and is a really dope successor to Featurecast’s brilliant release on Ghetto Funk. My favourite track on this release has to be ‘We Blow Up The Spot’, it is funky as hell and the brilliant use of the Funky 4 +1 sample will bring back memories of the B-Boy dominated era of Hip-Hop. For Dubstep nuts, the tune ‘Shake Em’ Up’ takes the classic Ice Cube song ’It Was A Good Day’ and turns it into a stormin’ Dubstep track.

Electronic Brain Break

I love the 7” single, and for many years, Breakin’ Bread has provided some of the best Funky Breaks bangers of the new millennium. If you like your funk authentic, un-homogenised and raw - you will love this release. Provided by Virgil Howle and Shawn Lee, this amazing single will have you shaking your hips for hours.

Balaclava Man-

Last and far from least is another 7” gem from Gumbo Ya, Ya and Hero #7. Featuring a great rap by DPF, the A-Side, ‘Balaclava Man’ is a powerful hip-hop stomper. The B-Side is a gorgeous funky downtempo number with some really dope scratching that harkens back to DJ Shadow in his prime. Overall, a fantastic release.

Take care, see you soon!

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