Monday, February 28, 2011

New Breakbeat Paradise Recordings E.P dropped today & FREE Track!

Check out the latest release to drop on the highly respected Breakbeat Paradise Recordings label, run by the equally respected artist - Badboe.

BBP Recordings welcomes onboard the Mustbeat Crew for this offering - a group of DJs, musicians, and party promoters from Budapest, who also do graphic design, video and various other art projects.

The group is based on the Listen! record shop, founded in 1998, that
organised parties, promoted DJs and ran a small graphic design studio.

After closing the shop the members created Mustbeat in 2001 to promote their own art, DJ their own music, and build a strong identity as a group.

As a big supporter of the NuFunk/Funky Breaks scene for years is now ready to release their first solo EP "Get This Clear" –  on Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, with a little help from well-established NuFunk artists BadboE, Jayl Funk and Quincy Jointz.


A. The MustBeat Crew kicks off the EP with the mysterious yet very groovy
original mix of the Get This Clear tune. MC Kemon is bringing the fresh
and spot on lyrical contribution to make this a wicked dancefloor tune.

B. BadboE is dropping the first remix and he is bringing some heavy duty
bass and pumping beats. This remix will fit right in there between those
heavy bassdriven Ghetto Funk tunes that are rockin dancefloors around the
world right now!

C. Jayl Funk never disappoints on a remix and this is no exception. Once
again he is keeping it real to the funk with straight-up funky breaks and
true funky music elements. This remix will leave you very little chance to
sitting still!

D. Quincy Joints returns to BBP after a long absence since doing his
groovy remix on BadboE’s Funkaholic EP. Yet another funky Quincy remix is
in this pack, which manages to keep the mysterious feel of the original
and adding some really danceable grooves.

Buy the EP here:

BONUS: Grab your FREE remix track courtesy of BBP below:


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