Sunday, August 15, 2010 Interview with Kid Stretch & Exclusive Midas Touch Booty for our now 300+ Members!

He’s been labelled the Disco King of NuFunk.  One thing’s for sure - Bob Antis – the artist known as DJ Kid Stretch - has the Midas Touch when it comes to producing Disco Breaks.  Here he talks to and explains why he’s constantly itching to get his teeth into 70s Disco, but admits he's no party animal and a complete scaredy-cat when it comes to visiting the dentist… 

Where did the name Kid Stretch come from?

It’s just a random name.  When I was young, I was trying to find a DJ name with my best friend and this was the one I liked the most.  I stuck with it, as more and more people recognised the name.

You’ve DJ’d alongside some great names.  Who were you most proud to perform with?

I’d have to say DJ Q-Bert and RJD2. Both of them are a great inspiration to my musical style, as I’m into turntablism and production. Those two guys are among the best for me.

What’s the most bizarre comment you’ve had whilst DJing?
Damn, I don’t know, people are quite normal in Greece, can’t think of anything weird!  Generally,  I get good reactions from people.

Tell us your all-time favourite track?

There are many, but one of the best tracks for me is Sunny performed by James Brown. There’s a really hot version on YouTube.

Tell us about the Warriorz label and why you launched this?

Warriorz is the Hip-Hop group made of three artists - Tolis (MC), John (MC) and myself. We had some releases on other Greek mainstream labels, but decided to go on our own and launched Warriorz Records.

Which other labels in the scene do you most respect?

Jalapeno and Fingerlickin have been around for many years with dope tracks and artists, but Freskanova is possibly the number one label for me. I admire Skint of course and dig more recent labels such as Manmade Records, Big M, Breakbeat Paradise, Pig Balls Records and Bomb Strikes. Goodgroove Records is right up there as well.  My first E.P was released on this label and pushed my name to the next level.

What are your biggest influences when it comes to making music and DJing?

I don’t try to sound like someone else, I try to produce what I feel.  I like creating disco breaks with lots of raw samples, something between a bootleg and an original song. I want to keep both aspects of DJ and production and blend them in a way that makes my style shine through.

What do you hate most about the NuFunk scene?

I don’t really hate anything, it’s all fun to me. Although I do get a bit annoyed when producers make songs and the melody in one key and the bass a different key.  It makes me lose interest in the song because it's clear that the artist doesn’t have a basic knowledge of music.

You’re well recognised for your disco sound in the NuFunk scene.  Do you think your sound will evolve or do you think disco will always have a strong influence in your production?

I always try to evolve my sound in small steps. I like to use disco samples, as it’s one of the best musical genres in my opinion.  The themes that were played in many disco tracks and especially the mixing of the tracks were way ahead of their time. Yes, I think that my style will continue to be influenced by disco - I want people to recognise me for that style.  To me, disco unifies the dopeness of the 70s with modern club music.

Tell us about Pale the Kid?

Pale the Kid is a side project by myself and my friend - DJ Pale Penguin.  The music is more Electro Breaks orientated with touches of Rave and Disco.  Pale The Kid have released on Breakbeat Paradise and Warriorz Records and remixed for various artists.  This year we’ll be more active with more material.
Any forthcoming releases and collabs?   

Yes, there is my All Disco E.P forthcoming on Warriorz Records.  It will contain Disco Breaks style tracks. I’m excited about this releases so stay tuned.  There’s also a Disco remix of Faith Evans’ Mesmerised, which is scheduled to be released on Wack Records as part of an E.P.  They’ll also be tracks on Manmade and Big M Productions.  As far as collaborations go, I’m searching for a vocalist, so anyone that can sing - get in touch.
Can you reveal a killer production tip that you wish you’d found out much earlier?

Hmm….Side Chaining is a killer trick for me.  I also use little tricks with sends, reverbs and eqs.

Nu Funk culture involves artists ripping up classic tracks, using famous samples to create dancefloor bombs. What’s your view on the use of samples, labels releasing such tracks and the age-old copyright debate?

As a Hip-Hop producer, I’d say go for it.  My view is that, when I sample a track, I do it out of respect for the original artist.  I want people to listen to the track and get that Old School vibe then try to search for the original track. I enjoy listening to samples and searching and finding the originals. I think the original artists should really get paid, but we all know that they don’t get sh*t from the labels.

Tell us something exclusive about Kid Stretch that nobody else knows?

I want to go to the dentist, but I’m afraid.


Are you a family man, party animal, or both?

I’d say I'm a family man.  I’ve never been a party animal - just want to have fun, but don’t like losing control.

If you were given £2000 to buy one single piece of equipment for your DJing/Production what would you buy?

I’d buy a mastering hardware with lamps

What are you thoughts about the launch of and the community?   

Damn, it’s great man and so much fun seeing all the artists I admire and fans under one umbrella, exchanging info and ideas.  It’s a good way of taking things to the next level - that’s what is doing.

Tell us about the FREE download you’ve kindly offered - exclusively for members?   Was the Midas Touch an all-time favourite of yours?

There are some songs that you listen to one time and like, but can’t remember the name.  Then you hear it again after years and think - 'I wish I had the acapella for that to make a remix'.  That’s exactly the case with the Midas Touch Boot.  I used the Banbarra drums that I sampled in Horny, but damn it goes so well with the vocals.  I hope you enjoy the track, which I produced especially for

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